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Subj: Re: Check it out again.
Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 04:05:43 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Check it out again.
Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 03:49:18 pm EDT

> >
> > Hey, just because she is with some guy, doesn't really mean he is her fiancee even if he is called that. She was Bruce's girlfriend first. If anything her fiancee is more like a friend.
> Wait, what? Okay, so let me get this right. Silver says she has a fiancee, but he's not because she doesn't really mean it? I'm sorry, but what kind of logic is that? If she said fiancee, that means fiancee. The man she intends to marry. Not intending to be a friend. In other words, Bruce was doing something that went against his characte, written by your hero, Steve Engelhart.

Against his character?

Silver was with a guy she didn't give a damn about.

> > I did know about the whole fiancee issue, but having read the comic her fiancee never really amounted much to her. If anything he was more of a fling or a friend and not a fiancee. While she was with the guy all she could think about was Bruce Wayne. It is not even clear what if any relationship she had with her supposed fiancee, other than having pecks on the cheek.
> Up until she returned, she had gotten engaged and was planning to get married to someone other than Bruce Wayne. That is a fiancee, not a friend. I suggest you buy a dictionary.

I suggest you look up settling for.

> > > > Show me when Englehart had Batman have a kid and not know about it.
> > >
> > > Englehart didn't but O'Neil did. The story was called Son of the Demon and at the time it was supposed to be in-continuity.
> >
> > Here you made a mistake like I did. I too have gotten comic book stories confused sometimes. Son of the Demon wasn't by O'Neil. It was by Mike Barr. O'Neil considered the story so bad and offensive he had it thrown out of continuity back when he was editor at DC.
> Ah, but O'Neil is no longer group editor of the Batman books. Hasn't been for some time. The current editor is Mike Marts and before him was Peter Tomasi. They're the ones who have allowed Morrison to cherry pick what he wants from Batman's 69 year history.

Exactly, bad editors.

> Yes, yes. However, Batman wanted to find a different solution because the Joker had changed from the way he was in "The Man Who Laughs" to the way he was when "Robin Dies At Dawn" takes place. The Joker went through a rebirth process, changing into a comedian/clown type who killed far less frequently and was more of a prankster. So he had reason to take part in Dr. Hurt's experiment. Also, during this time period, Batman was very trusting of other people. So he had no reason to assume that Hurt would become a villain down the line. Just as he didn't assume that no one in the JLA would wipe out ten minutes wroth of memories or Hal Jordan would become Parallax.

Yes, according to Morrison, who has been completely discredited. He is pretty much on par with Mike Green and Jeph Loeb.

> No, he was a nobody terrorist. Anybody can take down Batman, if they plan it out right. Take Promethus in JLA #16. He whupped Batman's ass pretty good. Take Hush who managed to shoot out Batman's grapnel line and send him crashing into the street, nearly killing him. Superman pummeled his ass. Hal Jordan knocked him down with one punch, without even using his power ring.

Keep listing the bad works.

> Marketing is to get you to buy a book. However, not everyone agrees that Engelhart was the definitive. You ask DC and various fans and they'll cite O'Neil, Fox, Morrison, Dini, Wagner, Moore, Loeb, Timm, Dixon, Grant, Barr, Ostrander, DeMatties, Rucka and Brubaker.

Marketing is there to get you to buy into copycat and alternate versions, while dismissing the definitive version.

> However, not everyone agrees with that. Just so you know. I've enjoyed everything so far.

What a surprised. \:\)

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