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Subj: Re: I understand Morrison better than most.
Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 at 11:18:09 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: I understand Morrison better than most.
Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 12:13:36 pm EDT

> I understand the stories better than most.
> I also understand Morrison better than most as well.
> Morrison thinks Batman is nuts and since he is in love with all the crazy stories that were thrown out of continuity he wants to use them to show that Batman is not only certifiably crazy, but that Batman has always been crazy, since even before he became Batman and even before his parents murder.

Batman is crazy. Any man who dresses up like a bat to fight crime for as long as he has, endangered children and shuns normal relationships is certifiable. Many have questioned whether Batman is sane, long before Morrison came onto the scene with "Arkham Asylum". Frank Miller and Alan Moore were among the first in the comics feild to question whether or not he is insane. Professionals in the mental health industry would question his sanity as well. The man watched his parents die in front of him and this would cause a severe mental trauma and affect his development. That's why at the start of "R.I.P.", Jezebel Jet sums up who Bruce Wayne is and the Joker did as well in "Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker".

Jezebel: "It was so brave of you, Bruce. So ingenious, to make yourself into the great dark knight who wasn't there for you when you needed him. But all this...is a disturbed little boy's response to his parents death...you're thirty years old."

Joker: "Behind all the sturm and bat-o-rangs, you're just a little boy in a playsuit, crying for mommy and daddy! It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic."

> He also likes writing Batman's dialogue like how he was written back in the 50s and the 60s during the Adam West era because he is a big fan of that time.

A lot of writers are fans of that era. They all grew up in that era and tend to write like it.

> Morrison is stuck in an alternate Batman universe which he wants to fine tweak to be his own while ignoring all the work of all the greatest Batman writers because he feels he is better than all of them.

It's not an alternate universe. It's a piece of fiction. He's not ignoring the other writers when he's using their work. Nor does he think he is better than them.

> He also wants to break and destroy Batman for two big reasons. One is because DC is pushing him to do this and he knows destroyed characters sell like the tabloids.

DC isn't pushing him to do this. He came up with this story on his own and brought it to DC. They're just letting him do it because he has a passion for Batman and his work sells well.

Two is because Morrison just cannot get over Batman evolving in the 1970s-1990s with reboots that discarded Morrison's precious era of Batman comics, so he wants to get destroy that Batman and bring back his loony era.

He's not bringing Batman back to there. He's embracing everything that is Batman from 1939 through 2008, using it to move forward. DC never retconned out the stuff from the 50's and 60's. The only things that were retconned out was the 70's and portions of the 80's. "Strange Apprations"? Retconned out by O'Neil. Living in the penthouse when Dick went to college? Retconned out by O'Neil. "Son Of The Demon"? Retconned out. Those things were retconned out. All Morrison and Brubaker did was bring those back.

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