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Subj: Not really the end, but mabey
Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 06:58:51 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: Three Bat-related titled come to an end; Nightwing, Robin and BOP?!?
Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 03:50:14 pm EST

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> > >Hmm.. hopefully they have something cool planned. I like reading a lot of DC titles. Marvel? I don't think there is one Marvel title I actually enjoy reading monthly, if at all.
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> > DC actually makes comic books and I think they are fun. They don't make comics to promote movies or look like them. If they start mimicing Marvel, then I see that as a bad thing.
> I agree, after being a hard core marvelite for 18 plus years, over the last few years I have come to read ONLY DC, marvel just isn't what they think they are, or used to be.

And you are free to have your opinion but if you look at the sales numbers, Marvel is kicking DC's butt. I don't have the numbers in front of me right now but I remember looking at the sales numbers and there are very few DCs books in the top 20.

According to, in an interview with tomasi and necieza, this was planned from the beginning. so there are likely to be numbers one's on the way and the characters being used and growing into newer roles. but these book are all below the 40 000 sales mark, and DC is suffering a 20% market share gap to Marvl, aprox. 52% marvel, 28-30% dc. and dc has totally screwed what was built into infinate crisis when they were neck in neck wiht marvel fans and all the marvel fans i knew were also buying dc. but after infinate crisis, they called it quits. it seems to be a bit of a quality issue, while marvel explore (with some notable exceptions) characters, dc continues with the same old, same old, hell, i usually grab 30% dc and 70 % marvel, but now it's getting way to lopsided with marvel because i have dropped several books, and then they fired dixon for no good reason. personally i think it was politics, and then shooter.

right now i'm getting:

gl corpse
action comics (depending on the story)


outsiders (damn you didio!!)


captain america
uncanny x-men
wolvie. origins
new avengers
mighty avengers
u. spidey
iron man
amazing spidey (only dan slott stories)
si and most tie ins (black panther and thor were great)

the imballence is awful and dc needs to get its act together. dude, without morrison and johns i'd only be buying green lantern corpse. that is sad. and marvel just signed john hickman, while dc has fired dixon, which sucks because i just realized how good he was on outsiders, and now he will be doing gi joe, so dynamite *(i think) will be getting cash from me now. the imballence is bad.