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Subj: and thus destroying any entry points for new kids who will want to get into batman...
Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 at 08:50:14 pm EST (Viewed 254 times)
Reply Subj: How to fix the "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" cartoon
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1. Production will cease on the current version of the cartoon.

2. The current producers will be fired. Control of the series will be given to Paul Dini & Bruce Timm.

3. The series will officially be part of the DC Animated Universe, set after Justice League Unlimited and before Batman Beyond. The current character designs will be abandoned in favor of returning to the character designs from the original Batman: The Animated Series. Kevin Conroy, Efram Zimbalist Jr., and the other surviving cast members from TAS will be reunited for the new series. Batgirl will, however, adopt her All-Star Batman & Robin costume permanently.

4. The "Batman & Rotating Partner" concept will be dropped, instead the series will be a look at the extended "Bat Family."

5. The series will open up with Tim Drake still in psychiatric care over killing The Joker. Batman's first new adventure will have him tangling with Cluemaster and receiving unwanted help from The Spoiler. After defeating Cluemaster, Spoiler will unmask as Stephanie Brown. Bruce will recruit her to become the new Robin.

6. There will be an episode where Batgirl breaks her back, but the episode will end with Barbara undergoing surgery and walking again and still being Batgirl. There will then be a PSA where Babs encourages the viewer to donate to spinal cord research.

7. Firestorm and Blue Beetle will both guest star, however they will be Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein and Ted Kord, rather than Jason Rusch and Jaime.

8. Focusing less on action, the series will instead be more of a male soap opera, dealing with Steph growing into the Robin role and romancing an emotionally shattered Tim Drake, Bruce will begin romancing Barbara as hinted at in Beyond but will quickly become sidetracked by new supporting character Vicki Vale, etc.

Why create a show that relies on previous continuity while also stopping new kids who might like an entry point to the Batman. This is a great show because it tries to bring in new people and new DC heroes that would not normally get a focus on TV. It isn't based around a time frame of the Justice League. It is based around the DCUniverse. Even though Batman is starring, it isn't about Batman. He's used to introduce characters in the DCUniverse. It isn't Batman's show. He's, for the first time, the guy who is our entry point into the DCUniverse. We learn about the world through him and that's pretty cool.

- l.k.