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Subj: Re: Seriously, definitively, do we know who Dr. Hurt is?
Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 at 03:29:14 pm EST (Viewed 317 times)
Reply Subj: Seriously, definitively, do we know who Dr. Hurt is?
Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 at 02:07:21 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)

> I read it, but I can't figure it out. Sheesh! Can anyone help!?
> Thanks!

I don't think we do. I loved this story until the end. I expected things to wrap up somewhat and be very shocking but that hasn't happened...not yet anyway. I think ( and please set me straight if I'm wrong) all that we know is that Dr Hurt presided over the isolation experiment to further the cause of Space Medicine many years ago and in doing so implanted triggers in Batman's head that would eventually allow him to "turn off" Batman's psyche. He seemed fond of claiming to be Thomas Wayne but as far as I can tell, doesn't even look like him. Although, when Bruce confronts him, he said that Hurt is his father's "double" as well as his own. What did that mean? One would think that would mean that they look identical but surely that would have come up before. (i.e. "Hmm I can't help but notice that the man presiding over the isolation experiment to help further the cause of space medicine looks exactly like my father whose death at the hands of petty criminal Joe Chill set me on the path to being the dark avenger of the night etc etc...) Bruce somehow believed that "Hurt" is actually an associate of Thomas Mayhew named Mangrove Pierce. Hurt said that he isn't. I have re read those pages many times trying to get it and it ain't happening. And why would this fellow spend so many years on this plot to break the Batman? Is he, as some have suggested, the devil himself? And as the devil he feels the need to destroy Batman because of his nobility? If so, couldn't he just do some sort of Devil zap on him instead of manipulating an isolation experiment designed to further the cause of space medicine and then painting "Zurr en Arr" all over the place and then getting Bruce a girlfriend who's in on it and then burying him alive and then telling him that he has at great expense supplied the media with scandalous photos of his mother and father, in the same conversation where he claims he is his father?

So, in answer to your question: no, i don't think so.