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Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 at 01:30:46 am EST (Viewed 283 times)
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> > > > Can I ask a question? When you say "the Devil," are you referring to the Biblical Devil, or some random other dimensional alien who calls himself a "Devil"? And I guess when I ask "you" I mean "Grant Morrison." Because quite frankly, well, either way that idea sucks. I would hope Morrison was better than going that route in particular, but then again, after reading 682, I don't think I can trust Mr. Morrison at all. He broke my one longest standing rule of books / comics / TV / movies: never make it all out to have been a dream. What a pathetic, cheap, cop out and a waste of time for me as a reader. It's like making me spend the ten minutes to read it, and pay over 3 dollars, to get to the final page and realize that none of that stuff actually happened. I am not impressed. I thought you were better than that, Grant Morrison. I actually liked your earlier stuff. X Men, Doom Patrol, All Star Superman, that was all pretty cool stuff. And then you go and do this. How sad. So I guess what I'm saying, Grey Gargoyle, if you've made it this far (sorry for the rant), but I would imagine this lends a little more weight to your "Dr. Hurt is the Devil" theory. Because I think that idea is pretty crappy. So that stands to reason it follows Grant Morrison's modus operandi for his Batman run. It's so sad because until 682 I was cutting him a lot of slack. I thought it was all pretty cool, actually. But now he's on a short leash. If it wasn't for the upcoming short runs by Neil Gaiman and Denny O'Neil I really think this is a "droppable from pull list" offense.
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> > > > But on the bright side, Batman 682 had a pretty awesome "don't smoke pot" ad. "For a free unicorn fill out this form!" I think that one had a bit of an inverse effect. And I have to wonder what the composers of that ad were on when they got that idea ... and where i can get me some.
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> > > I can see where you got confused there. Batman RIP happened, not as a dream, and that led Batman into Final Crisis #1. Batman #682 happens after he's captured. The epilogue in Batman #681 happens after Final Crisis and the Battle for the Cowl, if I'm figuring it correctly.
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> > > What we see in #682 is the only part that is in Bruce's head.
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> > Yeah, I got that. My point was that from the first page until the before last page of that one comic in my hand, Batman 682, was a dream. Well, there were those brief glimpses of something called "Lump" and a couple of weird creatures whom I had never seen before and probably will never see again. I guess I brought this upon myself. My second rule for buying comics is that I avoid crossovers like the plague, so I broke that one voluntarily when I saw "Final Crisis" on the cover. Oh yeah, that reminds me of the whole media quasi blitz advertising Batman 681 as the issue where "Batman dies or maybe doesn't." That was a load of bull too, as we can clearly see. All in all this has been a less than pleasant comic book experience.
> damnit------now I'm confused again. What was a dream? 682 seemed like a pretty much accepted history of the character with the exception of the Lump.

Everything except for Lump and what we see in Command D, is a fake. Not real. A creation of Lump messing around in Batman's mind to get to the heart of Batman, so that an army can be made.

Publically, Batman is dead at the conclusion of "R.I.P." and as LeBosseu said, no one had seen him since then except for a few rumors here and there. These rumors refer to "Final Crisis", where he was seen during the funeral for J'onn J'onzz.

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