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Subj: Re: Batman RIP: Synopsis/Spoilers?
Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 12:38:58 am EST
Reply Subj: Re: Batman RIP: Synopsis/Spoilers?
Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 at 01:30:01 pm EST (Viewed 227 times)

> > > >
> > > > > There are definitely costumed characters more realistic than the Batman has ever been.
> > > >
> > > > Of course. The Punisher comes to mind. but Batman works best when you keep the far-out stuff for rare occasions. That's my opinion.
> > >
> > > Except the Punisher interacts with the costumed superheroes and villains often. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Tombstone, Bullseye, Wolverine and the Hulk. Plus, he's taken part in "Onslaught" and "Civil War".
> >
> > True on all points, but I'd ignore Onslaught and definitely civil war, it ain't cannon with me. Punisher is cool to me mostly because he has no powers at all, and he is a vietnam vet and a little off his rocker. I'm going off subject, and the "interaction" point aside, Tony Stark is also one of the most realistic heros in my opinion....he's got no powers, and he is really good at only one thing...making bad-ass weapons of mass destruction. to me he is more realistic than batman...he's not an expert in EVERYTHING, just his specialty (technology and science) and he was even based in "Silicon Valley" for a good while.
> But Iron Man is also fantastic and out there. His armor is nowhere near what we are capable of in the real world and since the Extremis armor debuted, it's more outrageous than ever. Hell, Frank even uses weapons from either SHIELD or the Secret Empire. You can have your own personal continuity, but facts are facts. Everyone who interacts with the spandex and superpowered community are totally outrageous. Even Frank Castle.

I wasn't talkin' real real, just closer to real than your average superhero. Secret Empire? I feel so old and out of touch..with the crap that is going on out there...or am I senile? is "the secret empire" pre 1990? I doubt it. and I bet Castle didn't really start getting lots of stuff from shield until the mid-late 90's or later. all garbage to me. As for Iron man's armor, ofcourse it is more far out than we can really accomplish, but it is closer to reality than most comic book heroes. Extremis armor? what a lame name, I can't believe how much wasted paper these new writers are gobblin' up for us to waste our money on. I do appreciate your points, but I don't see how Frank Castle stalkin' Spidey or Hulk makes HIM any less believable...I miss the old days. Yes, I have a "personal" continuity, the good old days before comics imploded with mediocrity, all about makin' fast money. it used to be about good stories and quality assurance...a "stable" continuity, if you will....I can't even talk in complete sentences anymore, either ya know where this old fart is comin' from or you don't. TO ME, the facts are both marvel and now even DC are making horrible editing decisions! yuck. But I appreciate your points.

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