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Subj: Missing the point entirely
Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 03:22:36 pm EST (Viewed 192 times)
Reply Subj: no need to talk down to me. i'll leave morrison alone. i know i'm not changing any minds *NT*
Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 02:31:27 pm EST (Viewed 2 times)

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> > > having him be the devil is just the kind of boring "twist" morrison loves to write. he probably thinks it's genius, and his boosters will agree, but some of us know better.
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> > > sorry if i sound like i'm hard on morrison.
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> > No, but you're "some of us know better" IS just being slightly rude to those who DO like his work on RIP
> Icon's right. You're free to be as hard on Morrison as you like; it's your opinion. But not everyone who likes something done by Morrison, likes it simply because it was done by Morrison and they are a "booster". And neither does everyone who hates something done by Morrison do so simply because it was done by Morrison and they are a "hater". Some of us judge stories on their own merits and don't particularly care who wrote it, and thus have the ability to like or dislike stories (or even different aspects of one story) done by the exact same person.
> That may sound weird to you, but it's a fact and one you should try to remember when you're writing posts like the one above.

It's not at all about leaving Morrison alone, or about changing anyone's minds. It's about understanding that people who feel differently than you don't need to have their minds changed, anymore than you do for feeling differently from them. It's about being able to state your opinion without feeling the need to insert an "anyone who disagrees with me is obviously a [blank]" clause to preemptively dismiss any opposing points of view.

It's not just you, and it's not just people who are against Morrison. I've seen it a lot here ever since Morrison came on board, on both sides of the fence. It does nothing to raise the level of discussion or debate, it just drags everything down to a shrieking cacophony of "I'm right, you're wrong!". Which doesn't make for a very interesting message board.

And neither does this, so that's it for my soapbox rant. Back to Batman.