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Subj: Re: Batman RIP: Synopsis/Spoilers?
Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 at 03:00:39 am EST (Viewed 236 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Batman RIP: Synopsis/Spoilers?
Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 at 12:39:24 am EST

> > > I wasn't talkin' real real, just closer to real than your average superhero.
> >
> > Even the "average superhero" sets the top of the bellcurve so gigh that the "real" aspect of things
> >
> > > Secret Empire? I feel so old and out of touch..with the crap that is going on out there...or am I senile? is "the secret empire" pre 1990? I doubt it.
> >
> > Then you'd be wrong \:\) The Secret Empire debuted in 1966 and has been around ever since ( )
> Thanks for joggin' my memory, brain fart. Yeah the secret empire is cool, I remember these guys now...guess I am getting forgetful in my old age. Wasn't gabriel jones from the howling commandos and sheild posing as a high ranking secret empire member once? cool.

Point is, back in 91, Frank fought against the Seekers and the Secret Empire in "Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge" in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man. In said story, he picks up one of the Empire's guns and starts using it to kill. All the while fighting with Spidey, Moon Knight, Nova, Night Thrasher and Shadowhawk against the Empire, Thunderball of the Wreckers and two cyborgs. Frank has used hi-tech as well as low end tech.

> > > As for Iron man's armor, ofcourse it is more far out than we can really accomplish, but it is closer to reality than most comic book heroes.
> >
> > How? No country on earth has developed personal armour/assault systems, still less with flight capability.
> And we haven't landed men on mars yet either, but it is a reachable goal. it could be done, just not as fantastic as tony's.

Again, right now, we're nowhere near what Tony did in his first appearence. Much less today. Ergo, he isn't that realistic.

> > > Extremis armor? what a lame name, I can't believe how much wasted paper these new writers are gobblin' up for us to waste our money on.
> >
> > So don't buy it.
> I don't. but please feel free to tell me if there is anything worth buyin' nowadays in marvel or dc, I'd like to know.

A lot. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, JSA, Daredevil, Captain America, Fantastic Four and so on.

> > > I do appreciate your points, but I don't see how Frank Castle stalkin' Spidey or Hulk makes HIM any less believable...I miss the old days.
> >
> > Because the notion that he wouldn't have been hunted down and stopped by all the heroes who would long since have stopped anyone else who has killed the number of people he has, never mind the Police, is ridiculous. He only gets a pass by editorial fiat and that get's more and more absurd with each time it's used.
> Haven't we had dozens of stories of heroes deciding to go after him, but end up reluctantly teamin' up with him instead? it's the lesser evil kinda thing. and castle has done time before. but I do agree with you, the longer the Punisher is around, the less beleivable he becomes. personally if I was runnin' marvel I would have killed him off in a blaze of glory years ago, and it would've rocked. kill Punisher, not cap. and don't bring him back after ya kill him. I wish Bucky stayed dead....where is the suspense if every hereo that dies always comes back to life again eventually? Thanks for joggin' my memory.

To keep the copyright active, they have to bring these people back otherwise it'll be a Captain Marvel fiasco again. Besides, Frank did die and come back.

>just to get back to Batman, I still say guys Like Tony, Batman, and Castle are more believable than guys like GL, Supes, and Spidey. I have a soft spot for non-superpowered heroes. and Batman is the best one of the lot.

Tony is super powered because he uses hi-tech armor that's far from realistic. Especially after he modified it with the Extremis upgrade. Batman knocked out Darkseid and has defied death as often as Frank. Garth Ennis once wrote a story where Frank killed everyone in the Marvel Universe. There's no way any of these heroes could exist. Batman would've died his first night out or from exhaustion six months later. Frank wouldn't have made it as long as he has. And Tony wouldn't have survived the shrapnel piercing his heart, without complex machinary, which even then, probably wouldn't succeed for long.

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