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It looks like from the website above, that Eddie Murphy could be the guy to be the next Riddler. He could pull it off – he defiantly has the acting chops. He can play comedy as well as serious (Dreamgirls).

If DC decides to make Eddie play the Riddler as a black man, we could get the same type of criticism as Duncan did when he play Kingpin:
“He’s supposed to be a white guy.”

To me I was not that bothered by it. I always said I would rather someone to play Kingpin that could actually act, rather than someone that looked the part but couldn’t. Plus Duncan besides being Black, pretty much had the body of Fisk. It has always been said that the misconception is that Fisk is all fat, but in reality his is more like a Powerlifter. They look obese but they are largely muscle.

If they hire Eddie, they could have their cake and eat it too.
In ‘Coming to America’ he played that old Jewish man. I am told that back-in-the-day until the credits rolled at the end of the film, no one picked that was him! If they make Eddie into a white guy with makeup, they can get the acting ability that someone like Eddie Murphy can bring to the table, AS WELL as keeping to the comic-continuity of Riddler being a white guy.

It also indicates that Batman 3 could have Robin.
To me, if they bring in Robin and have him prance around Batman while they fight crime, it could ruin a little of the ‘reality-based dark film’ that they have been going for. I think they could pull it off by having him be Robin, but not be Robin.
Let me explain:

•Have the Graysons dying and Bruce taking in Dick at the beginning of the film

•Dick is hanging around the big house dealing with parents death, not knowing Wayne being Batman (Bruce seems distant), build the relationship Dick and Alfred, Build relationship between Dick Batman etc. most of the film.

•Dick discovering/Bruce revealing that his is Batman Becomes mentor + trains Dick. Takes Dick out for a ‘test-run’. Shades of DKR with Cassie.

•At the end of the film after baddies are defeated we see Batman & Robin go off into the night. We do not see them officially as partners but it is heavily implied.

End of Trilogy

What do you think?

I would rather have Bruce adopt Dick, even tell him he is Batman, BUT never let him out as Robin. Dick can probably help him out in the batcave, but never let Dick go out as Robin. If we see a kid fight crime in the new Batman movie franchise, it will ruin the movie series for me. I mean come on! It's Ok in comics but not in a movie. The reason they had the Joker not actually burned by poison is because it cannot be explained rationally. A chemical bath is toxic enough to bleach one's skin and hair but did not cause the victim to die or at the very least to become blind? That is tough to believe. The same way, it is not believable for a 12-16yr old kid can actually fight crime with no superpowers at all. So, if Dick Grayson is an absolute must, have him stay in the batcave (help batman out with giving him information while batman is out), then maybe at the end of the movie show that Bruce is training young Dick Grayson, hinting that someday Dick will become Robin or Nightwing. That should satisfy the fans of Robin, but at the same time, will not ruin the movie franchise which prides itelf for being based on reality. Assuming such thing exists in the fantastic world of a superhero movie.

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