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Subj: Re: Bruce/Dick/Damian speculation for 2010 Question?
Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 12:27:43 am EST (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Bruce/Dick/Damian speculation for 2010 Question?
Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 at 03:27:30 pm EST (Viewed 423 times)

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This is all difficult to say.

We all knew that Bruce would eventually be returning to be Batman again at some point, though I have to say, it's been really great to read Dick as Batman this time around.

It's fun reading about a character who is sort of just starting out and I love that Dick is actually enjoying being Batman and is still as dangerous to criminals without being a jerk to his friends.

I also like the parallel of the fact that Bruce raised Dick to be his son after his parents died, and so now Dick feels it is incumbent on him to raise Bruce's son as his own. I especially enjoy it because Damien is a little jerk-wad and difficult to deal with. But he couldn't have a better father figure than Dick.

The difficulty with Bruce returning is that everyone wonders what will happen to all the characters. This time around, it would really feel like taking a step backward for Dick to return to Nightwing and Tim to return to being regular Robin. Though this might make the most logical sense as Dick created the Nightwing person and everyone really likes Nightwing, I just feel like it would be returning to the status quo when I am a fan of evolving characters.

This would provide Didio another opportunity to KILL Dick Grayson, that's for sure. He wanted to do it during Infinite Crisis, but was bascially voted down by the fans and Superboy got the axe instead. But killing off Dick would really seem a cop out.

If any character were to die, I feel that Damien would probably be the best character to kill. Bruce losing a son and Dick failing to protect Bruce's son would certainly cause A LOT of conflict in the bat ranks.

It would also allow Batman to be solo for a while without a Robin too as I would like to see Tim remain Red Robin. I think it is a good look for him and pushes him to the next level. Frankly I never really associated that suit with Jason TOdd as I feel that Jason never really wore it.

By the way may I add Grant Morrison's retconning of Jason Todd to have Red-hair is simply ridiculous!? Why can no one handle that character well? It really doesn't seem like it would be too difficult.

Otherwise, we may just see a new status quo in Batman... .MULTIPLE Batmen?

This is now the era of 3 Flashes (with Wally now wearing a new cool Flash outfit), 4 Green Lanterns (Let's pray Kyle Rayner isn't dead indefinitely), a whole Planet of Supermen... MAybe Bruce will finally feel the necessity to extend his legacy as Batman.

In the movie the Dark Knight, Bruce talks about giving up being the Batman because Gotham can now be protected by guys like Gordon and Harvey Dent. Maybe carrying over to the comics Bruce can realize that the symbol of Batman is important, but no longer something that one man must bear the burden and we can have a couple Batmen?? Not saying it would last, but it would certainly be a different take, and one we hadn't really seen. Additionally, it would lead into things like Kingdom Come where Batman had his city covered by multiple Batmen robots. Or like Batman Beyond where Bruce was still operating in more of the Alfred Role for Terry.

Just a thought.


Can anyone say too soon?

First Steve, now Bruce. When a company shakes up the status-quo, why do they never have the testicular fortitude to stick to their decision for more then 9 months.

Ok, my rant is out.

Firstly, I like Dick as Batman. This run around, he didn't take on the role with the expectations of Bruce coming back. Hence why I think, as was said above, him going back to Nightwing would be a step backward. I don't agree with the league of "Batmen," but he should take up another leadership role.

I'd hate to see Tim come back to Bruce as Robin. I think it's time for him to grow up. As just as Nightwing was to Dick, Red Robin should be Tim's move out of the nest (bad joke...). He just needs to become less obsessive about losing people.

Damian, ouch. Yes, I think the direct route would be to absolve him of his Robin title and leave Bruce with his new dynamic. Which could be at least 3 stand alone vigilantes. I don't think he should be killed, I don't want to see Bruce come back to another brooding Jason Todd esk experience that was the early 90's. I think he's too entrenched because of Morrison to disappear. At least, send him back to the league. At worst kill him. The middle ground, as long as they don't ruin him like Jason, make him a villain.

Only opinions...

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