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I agree Batgirl is good right now. I don't care about the War of the Supermen. Boy that's an idea whose time will never come. Clark's Superman not because he's Kryptonian, but because he's Clark and a good man.

As for the Return of Bruce Wayne, I want Steph to be involved just so she can help restore Bruce to the Title of Batman. It helps consolidate her as Batgirl.

Honestly, think the whole idea of removing Bruce as Bats just The Dark Knight made $1 billion stupid. The movie could have driven people to the comics, those interested in picking up a book suddenly find Bruce not Batman. Bad marketing if nothing else. Also just a rehash of Knightfall.

The Chosen One must speak on this,

Personally, I've never cared for Stephanie Brown -- not when she was Spoiler, definitely not when she was Robin, and even less now that she's Batgirl -- for all the reasons I danced a jig for when Jason Todd bit it. In fact, by my observation, Stephanie is nothing more than Jason with a rack: Arrogant, untalented, unhinged, poorly-motivated, and generally unliked by nearly *all* of the Bat-Clan (Hell, Barbara barely acknowledged her existence for the most part). Stealing a costume because she feels "she deserves it" does not mean that she's *earned* it. Not even Jason had that kind of gall. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that she's worse than Jason: After all, when was the last time Jason started a Gang War just to prove that she "has what it takes"? (see "War Games")

To be honest, the only time that I liked her character was when she was laying stone-cold dead on an operating table. She served as a cautionary tale -- an example as to why not everyone can toss on a cape and fight crime like the Dynamic Duo -- and, when the Powers that Be felt that Jason Todd would serve comic sales better alive than dead, her Robin costume could easily stand in for his as Batman's reminder as to why he should always be careful when choosing his Kid Sidekicks. Unfortunately, her resurrection/non-death was the only way that Leslie Tompkins could be redeemed, so that was a ride that was destined to end too soon.

Most of the audience sentiment seems to have gone against Cassandra Cain, which confuses me: Here was a character who was properly motivated (she had been trained to kill, and was fighting to redeem herself from that) as well as adequately trained (trained by Daddy Super-Assassin to be a super-assassin); that she, too, was sacrificed to the altar of the Company-Wide Crossover (One Year Later, etc) does not diminish the fact that she worked within the Bat-Mythos. And yet, here we are, several years after Tim Drake "walked away" from his costume, and we find the same scenario being repeated with Cassie; with Stephanie, predictably, dusting-off the cowl and prancing about the town like it'd been hers to begin with.

A weak character, no matter how you dress them or how much you try to apologize for them, is a weak character, and Stephanie Brown, whether she's Spoiler, Robin, or Batgirl, is, at her core, a Weak Character. Weak characters, while novel at first, cannot last long as Primary Characters; especially if they're a Primary Character who happens to have a history of being integral to their prospective mythos (Guy Gardner gets around this by simply being a weak SOLDIER amongst an ensemble of similarly-garbed characters).

Cassandra Cain was an excellent character, and slid into the Bat-Clan like she'd always been there: She was used, abused, and tossed-aside for the next model.

What chance does Stephanie Brown have?

Or maybe the question should be, how *long* does Stephanie Brown have?

The Chosen One has spoken. Heed and obey.