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Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 at 03:50:00 pm EST (Viewed 308 times)
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    I've been meaning to post this for a while, but was always worried about the heat I would draw, but the heck with it.

You won't draw heat from me. Your reactions are extreme and odd, but otherwise you're entitled to how you feel.

    I don't like Damien. I've never made a secret of that. There are several reasons.

    1.) I'm old-fashioned enough to not really get behind the baby daddy phenomonon. In my day, if you knocked up someone who wasn't your wife, that was a bad thing. It wasn't accidents happen, no big deal. But that's an opinion, so I'm willing to let this reason slide.

    2.) It creates so many writing problems. It really makes Bruce look bad. He has a kid and basically does nothing about it.That makes him a bad father. Plus it creates all kinds of complications that just aren't addressed. For example, "Hey, did you hear Bruce Wayne, the billionaire has a bastard son? No, who's the mom? Don't know. Why don't we know who the mom is? Can't say. Does he go to parent-teacher night? No. Does the boy have friends? Is he acting like a father at all? Hey, hasn't he adopted like a hundred kids. Is he a child molester?

I don't really understand your assertion that Batman has done nothing about Damian. He brought him in as Talia left him for Bruce in Batman and Son, only to lose him at the end. Between his appearances in Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul and R.I.P., he didn't necessary have a lot of time or chance to interact with Damian and during R.I.P. he was, well, busy. Next, Final Crisis occurs and Bruce is gone.

And would you expect a millionaire playboy with Bruce's reputation with the public to surprise anyone if it was discovered that he had a illegitimate child?

    You see what I mean.


    3.) Bruce is all about his parents being killed. He has a giant portrait of them over the fireplace. The entrance to batcave is accessed via a grandfather clock that opens when the time is turned to the death of your parents. Now you have a biological son, and you do nothing. Dick is the one who has stepped up. You don't act as a father. Instead you still obsess about the loss of your parents. Oh grow up Bruce. At your age, lots of people have lost their parents. Isn't it time to put aside your pain and be a dad? No, well then you're just a selfish little baby. A narcicist where it's all about you, you, you. I don't like that Batman. I like a man who puts others first and actually, you know, lives up to his responsibilities.

Again, Bruce isn't around to do anything about it, which is why Dick stepped up. Bruce Wayne is trapped in time.

    4.) I flat out don't get Bruce's supposed attraction to Talia. She's basically Hitler's daughter. Ra's Al Ghul is a centuries' old tryant who has killed, let's just say for agruement, 10,000 people. That number could just as easily be 100,000 people or 1,000,000. He wants to kill another 5.9 billion people. He wants to kill more than 90 percent of the people on this planet. That makes him a very bad guy. Talia really doesn't seem to have a problem going along with this.

And Batman is also attracted to Catwoman. We can't always control who we are attracted to. Plus, in the past, Talia was depicted as a more sympathetic character who was just too loyal to her father's whims, especially after her mother's death. The whole evil Talia schtick is relatively new.

    It seems to me that she opposes her father only when it endangers Bruce. She seems to like Bruce because he's hunky. I've never got the sense that she shares his morals. Things like "Thou Shalt not kill." She's killed before, just look what she did with her Bat ninjas. She doesn't seem to care about the poor, protecting the innocent or using wealth to make the life of strangers better. She seems to use her power to promote her son, period. So why would Bruce be attracted to a woman who is a killer and really isn't put out by her father being a mass murderer who wants to kill 5.9 billion people. Saying she's beautiful just makes Bruce seem extremely shallow with the self-control and will of a horny 13-year-old.

When Talia asked Batman to join her in Batman and Son, he refused, stating that what went on between them lives only in the past.

    5.) Bruce was raped. There it is. Damien is the product of rape. I now what you're thinking. No he wasn't. Bruce was drugged and has some vague memory of that night, but he wasn't raped. Sorry, but that's the text book definition of rape. His body was used against his will. His very essence was violated and a son was created. That aspect has not been touched upon at all. At least when unoriginal writers create scenes where women are raped in comics, there are emotional implications. (Granted, it's a weak thing and there are whole web sites dedicated to explaining why).

Batman called it a Eugenics Experiment. And while Talia had said that he performed magnificently, we do not know for sure that sex was involved, especially since Damian was grown in a lab. For all we know she could have taken a DNA sample from the Caped Crusader.

    So to sum up, we have a woman who kills and goes along with mass murder drug and rape a character, create a murderous off-spring. (Damien has killed. I'm not cool with the notion that it's OK now because he's promised not to do it again. There's the issue of pschological damage and punishment. Giving him access to the Batcave seems more of a reward).

No one should be given at least a chance for redemption, especially a 10-year-old who was conditioned since birth?

    The questions of exposure of secret identity, being a responsible father, being a grown up, having to deal with being raped, getting over your parents deaths 25 years earlier so you can be a good father today and the Wayne legacy are completely ignored. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the scene in Batman Begins where Bruce says he doesn't care about his name. Alfred owns him by pointing out that it's his father's name as well and it's all that's left of Thomas Wayne. That really puts Bruce in his place and creates a real tension. Bruce owes the dead, and ruining the Wayne name really does hurt the father he's obsessed with.

So, when Bruce Wayne returns you want him to grow up, get over the parents, be the dad from Family Circus and have fallout rape issues. Should he ditch the cape and car as well?

    Or I could be wrong, but Bruce was raped. If not he slept with Hitler's murderous daughter and that's just creepy and immoral and makes him a really bad person. Good people don't sleep with unrepentent killers just because they're pretty. That I'm not wrong about.

Bruce slept with Talia before she became a killer, technically. Also, sometimes even the hero can make bad choices.

If you don't like Damian as a character, that's cool and can dig it, however the ranting about rape of fictional characters and daughters of Hitler is a bit extreme.


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