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Subj: Re: What did you think of Batman The Return?
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Reply Subj: What did you think of Batman The Return?
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What did everyone think of it?? Thought it an overall solid enough Batman comic but a nothing special Special...

Batman: The Return

My thoughts...

The cover was very plain for a poser piece. The One-Shot the marks Bruce's return needed more. Even a blurb would have helped. Does anyone know offhand if Batman Incorporated is to be read before or after this? Is it better or worse reading? Are there any sites listing the reading order of the ton of Battitles being pushed thru a reading funnel?

The POV of THE iconic bat that inspired Bruce is an inspired idea but 5 pages to do did NOT 'make it a great opener' for me. There's been cooler sequences that have dealt with Handbook DCU animals over a 'Discovery Channel' plain old bat account.

Then adding an indulgent double splash title page just added insult to injury with basically just the cover image shown again. Curious to see how often an artist will simply artistically omit the circle within the new Bat symbol on his chest in the future titles.

Okay the opening bomber scene does grab you with its exciting art. And a rescue right off showed many facets of who this old/new Batman is/will=be. including thinking outside the box and utility belt; did Bats plan if he fell off that specific side of the building - or were airbags set up all 'round. The prep time spent must be assumed even though it would be better to have found out Bats had sidekicks handling that while he went up to save the kid ASAP.

Sure, dwelling on layout design du jour every other appearance can sometimes be annoying when not visually pleasing - but that was NOT the case here. Now THAT double splash page is worth it. Awesome Batcave.

Batman talking to the troops is a necessary to 'The Return' of his reign over Gotham. Readers also get a good dose of directions for the Batfamily for the near future.

Can't imagine TRAKTIR deserving any Arkham Card Partiy invites but introducing a new foe felt like the right thing to do in his new Iron Man Batarmor. It was a weird intro sequence but the mano a mano choreography was nice enough. Robin acted weird for some reason missed on my first read thru.

Bruce and Damian have Part 1 or their long anticipated talk. Seems like it is going to be a clerical and reviewers nightmare to have to keep distinguishing Dick from Bruce if they are going to share the title. Reserving judgement but leaning towards not liking that.

Alfred does his standard sideline starring and promises to help out with this new Osborn Wayne Reign for good or Batman International if you will. Then the next thing Bruce does is to plot a robbery! Ha! Well, at least the chronologically curious Catwoman is drawn in sans Sirens for readers to start debating on their dynamics now.

Return to the weird villain stuff was a confusing way to end it with Batman trying for a catchy closing line "GAME ON" that didnt strike a chord. Do not feel this One-Shot was best served with such an open ending. They went with trying to grab readers interest to come back rather than go with a selfcontained feel good ending to endear Batman, again, to tempt readers with more happy endings. Hopefully for DC this relaunch works and it is not GAME OVER.

Here is the plain ending with Batman sitting on the job ;\) ...

I miss my brother.

What did I think?

First, it was an expensive issue. $5 is a lot for something that is just a regular-sized issue when you get down to it. I don't care about the "behind the scenes stuff." Save that for DVDs and trade paperbacks.

The story itself was a lot of sound and fury signifying, well not nothing, but definately that Batman is still a dick.

"What" you say. Morrison said he'd give us a nicer, softer Batman. Well Morrison says a lot of things, like announcing Bruce is Batman's sponsor will actually deflect attention from the notion that Bruce is Batman. Well, see my previous post about why that's nonsense and requires everyone to be bone-deep stupid (as in the stupidity goes deep into the bones).

Bruce is still a dick. You want examples? OK. He plans to send Steph off to finishing school in England. Probably just a joke, and a feeble one at that, on Morrison's part. But Steph's one line in the entire book is fair. She says she has friends and a life in Gotham. She's right. Bruce sending away from that is pure bat-dickery. A decent man would take into account the lives of the people he allegedly cares about. At least Steph got a line. Tim stood there silently. I suspect Morrison wants nothing to do with Tim. It was the editors of DC who let him stay in the game as Red Robin. (A theory on my part. I have no evidence to support that notion),

Bruce then takes Damian on a mission to the Mideast. Damian acts like Damian and Bruce dismisses him and fobs him off on Dick. More bat-dickery. Damian is allegedly Bruce's son. That's no way to treat a son. You sit down and talk to the boy. Hasn't Morrison ever seen the courtship of Eddie's Father? My guess is that Damian isn't really Bruce's son. Even if he is, he is still the product of Talia's rape of Bruce. Yes, drugging Bruce and "sleeping" with him IS RAPE!!!! That's the origin of Damian Morrison gave the character. He didn't go by Mike Barr's story, in which Bruce slept with Hitler's daughter.

Also, Bruce drops hints that he's seen a hint of what's to come. That's why he has Lucius create new Bat-suits. If you look at the character in the arab head gear, that character has Bat ears poking through. That's a hint of something. I'm guessing another bat-clone or something like Darkseid has created a bat-nomad or something. I don't know. I'm winging it here. But my guess is that when Morrison is finished with his "epic" Damian will be gone. He's not writing a father-son thing with Bruce and Damian. The kinder Bruce would, I don't know, actually spend time with his "son".

The whole fight in the pit of doom was hard to follow. That's more of an art complaint, but I think it's a fair one.

For Bruce not to be a bat-dick, he'd have to explain what he saw and why he's doing what he's doing. Morrison wants surprise, so Bruce isn't showing his cards to his closes allies. I understand the writer's desire, but the end result is that Bruce is still a dick. He's keeping secrets, telling people what to do without telling them why, basically going roughshod over their lives. He's ignoring his biological son and fobbing off the responsibility of raising that child to Dick and Alfred.

In the first issue of Batman Inc., Bruce tells Selina that he is going to visit the potential Japanese "Batman". He isn't announcing his arrival and figures that figuring out this guy's secret identity is cool and would act as an incentive to get the guy to join Bruce's crusade. What? That's just more bat-dickery. "Dude, I figured out who you are, now work for me." Yeeaahh.

I did like that two panel of the batcave with family in the shot. But Tim was barely able to be seen. Not cool. Also, Barbara, as Oracle, has an icon. She doesn't need the one Bruce set up. She's got her own identity, you bat-dick. Also, Internet 3.0. Hey Bruce, that's not how the Net works. Also, Lucius put it one way in The Dark Knight. That's too much power for one man to have. I certainly don't want' Bat-dick Bruce to have access to my computers, emails, etc. Not because I have something to hide, but because I value my privacy so should Bruce.

Or I could be wrong. But $5 is a lot to pay for an issue that really doesn't do anything that couldn't have been done in one page of Batman Inc.