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Never got around to commenting on RED ROBIN #17 and really wanted to because it was an enjoyable read. That Bathug was a heartfelt and perfect scene. Had already done the linksearch for any poster that appreciate the timesave. And had saved this related page about #17 at a /co/chan forum - where the page/urls are recycled continuously [& sometimes there are nsfw comments]. Thought to save/attach these quick comments with different takes by that cross section of readers to compare to any BMBer reactions. Here are those links too...

I miss my brother.

Hey don't read if you don't want to be spoiled by my fantastic and never wrong (unless it turns out to be wrong) speculation.

You've been warned . . .

I'd turn back if I were you . . .

My first guess is that mysterious hooded lady Ra's is talking to is the new Lynx. When we last saw Ra's in Red Robin, Ra's said he's be a good "heir". So the whole Lynx manipulates Red Robin into committing a major felony is part of Ra's master plan. This is pure speculation, but if it plays out this way, you can't say I wasn't there first.

As to the actual issue. This brings up all the problems I predicted when Morrison announced Batman Inc. We have Red Robin, a known associate of Batman committing a very serious crime. He attacked law enforcement officers while they were in the legal performance of their duties. These weren't corrupt cops shaking down honest store owners.

What does Tim do? He breaks out a dangerous gang leader who claims she's an undercover cop. Well there are a few problems with that. Lynx, even if she is an undercover cop is still breaking American law. You see, the Chinese don't have the legal jurisdiction to operate within the United States. Even if she is legit as she says, how do we know she's obeying American laws. There are rules about entrapment, rules about evidence, rules of procedure. No court would accept evidence from any "undercover" agent who operates the way Lynx does.

Also, why would the Chinese care about gangsters who operate in the United States. So there's that.

Then there's the problem Red Robin acknowledged. He doesn't know if Lynx is a real operative for the Chinese government. As far as he knows, he's let a dangerous enforcer of an international crime syndicate go. She will commit further crimes, including murder. That makes Tim an accomplice after the fact for every crime she commits. (Much the same way Tim is an accomplice after the fact for every crime committed by the Red Hood. It was Tim who gave Jason the Justice League transportation codes that allowed Jason to escape prison. Jason was convicted of serious crimes, including murder. Upon his escape Jason went on to kill a lot of people. It doesn't matter if they were criminals. People don't get to kill other people just because they want to).

So the best case scenario is that Tim has released an agent of a foreign government that does not follow American laws while operating in America. She hasn't informed the proper legal authorities that are operating in Gotham. Her evidence and testimony will do no good in court. For all we know she has aided and abetted serious crimes.

On top of that Tim has committed a serious felony. See above rant. Now that Bruce has "outed" his relationship with Batman, he has admitted to participating in a criminal conspiracy with Batman. Red Robin, as an operative of Batman makes Batman and Bruce responsible for Tim's crime. We're talking real legal trouble here folks. The criminal and civil liabilities Bruce now faces isn't funny.

Plus, the government isn't likely to say, "Hey, Batman, mentor of Red Robin, you're little sidekick assaulted our agents while they were in the performance of their legal duties to release a dangerous suspect legally arrested for crimes involving a dangerous international criminal syndicate. You say that he was acting for the right? What, you have no evidence to prove her contention that she is a Chinese cop? The Chinese government hasn't asked us for their agent back? She hasn't agreed to spill what she knows to prove her contention? You haven't used any legal means to affect her release, your sidekick just went out committed a dangerous crime to release someone he doesn't know for a fact is a cop from legal government officials doing their jobs in a legal and non-corruupt manner. OK, no consequences for you. No lawsuits, no arrests of Bruce Wayne, who has admitted in public to sponsoring Batman and his associates, thereby confessing to being a part of a criminal conspiracy. Fine by us. We'll let our officers be assaulted because we're that kind of government.

You see the problem? You can't have it both ways. You can't have Morrison write his flights of fancy, and then have other writers attempting something a little more Elmore Leonard and a little less Jules Verne on acid. The styles simply don't mesh and by handcuffing other Bat writers to Morrison's vision, you create such a cognative dissossance that the delicate balance of suspension of disbelief is broken. (Where did that come from?)

Or I could be wrong. But if you liked the story and see past what I perceive to be crippling flaws in logic, even the loose logic of comic books, by all means buy and support the book. But I think the hug between Tim and Bruce wouldn't have taken place on a rooftop after Tim committed a felonty that could bring him 10 years in prison. That's what Batcaves are for.

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