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Subj: Re: Who liked The Dark Knight #1 [2011]?
Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 at 12:17:46 pm EST (Viewed 245 times)
Reply Subj: Who liked The Dark Knight #1 [2011]?
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Did anyone check out this issue? The art is wonderful [as anticipated]!

Dark Knight #1

Does anyone think this series is starting out under-hyped? If Bruce has only devoted more inttrospective comments of talking of his return it mightve served better as the the true return of the true Batman to mainstream continuity after that disappointing timetrip tale.

Is this the artists first solo DC writing gig? Sure, the storyline is supersimple and yet in some ways pleasantly refreshing to the confusing crossovers of late but a easy reading story flow with icon guest stars and the intended intro of a key[?] Batmythos character named by her hippy inspired name[?]: Golden Dawn!

The only nitty nitpicks, not enough [interesting] live women [an age old curse of all Battitles], ironically - the LIVE GIRLS sign magically flipped 180º while dropping straight down, Pengy as albino-like as DeVito was blah. And whats the meaning of the triple wrench design on his glove cozies? Obviously, all so minor compared to the AWESOME detail in every other page. And thank the Highfather [Izaya] a NEW & COOLER looking BATMOBILE. Goodbye bubbled Batlemon - as soon as Dick-Batman is over [pleeease]. This six wheel Batpimped ride should give it that unique signature that will have lasting power!
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Other good stuff:
How the flashback was presented, spot on Batpatience w/surveillance, use[intro?] of Macy with GCPD, nicely choreographed fight - though did not understand the point of giving him the sugar water AFTER he spilled his guts, the feel of the city - though 2pgs of bums was one too many, Alfred, MWL visual, actual detective work - though the clues were too reader-lite to sink your teeth; and cant sign off w/o commpimenting the COOL artistic license[another age old curse of all Battitles] on the Batcave!

Your comments?

Or if you want pure SPOILERS:

I miss Dan.

I think I will check this out. I was dropping the bat books because of the aforementioned confusing crossovers, but if this bucks that trend, I'm happy to read a simple story with good art.