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Loved it!


Loved it from the opening awesome, refreshingly different perspective on a splash page drop down 'til the final heartwarming, big-sister-he-needs-but-never-wanted moment bounce up. Look forward to Quinn and/or Otomo [and/or other] elaborating more on it for those who would not normally buy this issue to see how good it is.

The only perceived flaw, and kinda annoying as it interrupted the wonderful story flow, was HOW THE HECK DID THEY STOP THE BUS. A big flaw but so minor for the whole package. EVERY OTHER PAGE had at least one neat thing on it, even if only as small a detail as a reflection in the Batnoculars. HOWEVER most of the neat visuals or commentary, on each page, were much bigger. Plus a new Batverse direction is inferred with BATMAN INC. having Assignment Lists for members of Wayne's Reign.

This Cassie/Damian dynamic is just getting better and better. Will love looking forward to this Robin in these pages with this narration/conversation portrayal. A wonderfully self-contained tale of action - even if it was "PEDESTRIAN" \:\) level heroics. And as long as Nell doesnt turnout to be the daughter of a supervillain ;\) - then alls good. Loved it. Might have to pause to savour the fun feel 'cuz as my first new read this week it could prove tough to top.

I miss my brother.

Wow, I got home with my hot little copy of Batgor, I mean Batgirl, and to my surprise I was beat with a review by Emerickman. Well done sir, now don't do it again. I review Batgirl first.

Anyway, enough of my selfish rant. We start with Alfred meeting Damien and we get four pages of Damien being a little jerk. Man, I want him dropped in a woodchipper.

We then get two pages of Steph sleeping in late and being woken by her mother. We learn that Steph has classes and work study. Add her secret Batgirl duties and no wonder she sleeps in. Of course, that's pretty much what college students do, so no biggie. We also learn Steph has a Batman Inc. assignment.

We cut to Damien as Robin watching kids cross the street to get to school. He becomes suspicious of a crossing guard because the guard actually helps a girl, (I am assuming it's the young lady who has shown Batgirl support in two previous issues) get up after falling down in the middle of the cross walk. This act of kindness sets off Damien's spider-sense and he uses techniques that defy the laws of physics to ensare the guard and haul his body several stories up the side of the building.

The guard is grateful he's grabbed by Robin. Damien shows his usual contempt for people and Batgirl shows up. Damien makes a lame pun and Batgirl asks if he got it from a "laffy taffy" wrapper. Damien doesn't know what that is. Neither do I. It's been a while since I cruised the candy stores. I really don't know what Laffy Taffy is. Oh well. There are a couple of pages of snarking.

We finally learn that Batgirl is checking out the crossing guard because "we" think he's a lookout for a kidnapping ring. We also learn the students are middle class and not the children of the wealthy. Damien doesn't get why these kids' lives have value. Steph and Damine pull out binoculars that appear to big to fit into utility belts and see the school bus is heading on a field trip.

Damien doesn't know what a field trip is and in order to get close to the students Steph makes him dress like a 10-year-old. Somewhere Supergirl mentally high fives Steph and says pay back is a bitch, that's for putting me in a bunny suit for halloween in last October's Supergirl/Robin team up.

The young lady who praised Batgirl in previous issues and fell before the crossing guard immediately makes friends with Damien, who is uncomfortable out of his element of knives and killing. Being a boy who plays is alien to him and Steph realizes that as she watches Damien via a strangely unmanned closed circuit TV security console.

Damien and Steph spot the bad guys waylay the bus driver. After Damien changes into his Robin outfil, giving the bad guys time to get the kids into the bus and take off, they spring into action as the bus drives away.

Batgirl and Robin jump on top of the bus, Damien sticks his sword through the roof, almost hitting a kidnapper. The kidnapper does the smart thing and shoots through the roof. Batgirl and Robin jump through the front windshield of the bus. Robin takes the wheel despite being very short, leaving the goons to Steph. They go through a tunnel and we get a lot of Jason Bourne in the tunnels of Moscow action. Robin admits perhaps he shouldn't have been the one who took the wheel of bus.

Batgirl takes out the goons without much problem, and eventually the bus is brought to a stop. We learn the kidnappers targeted middle class kids because middle class parents would do anything to get their kids back, which strikes me as both stupid - you now have to deals with many sets of parents instead of one, which makes a complicated crime a lot more complicated, and hey rich parents love their kids too, for the most part.

The last couple of pages have Steph teaching Damien how to play in a moon bouncy castle.

What I liked. A lot. The art by Pere Perez was strong. I prefer him to Mr. Nyugen. I hope he sticks around. W

We learn a little about Steph. One she's very busy. We actually see being a superhero is tiring and hard. We also see her plan. In this issue, she's the mature one who comes up with the plan. Damien is the impetuous one who leaps before he looks. That shows growth on Steph's part and we are shown it in a subtle way. Well played sir.

The action was decent. The story was well paced. When I saw the previews, I wasn't thrilled to see them use six pages or about a quarter of the story just to say Damien and Steph will be teaming up.

We also learn Bruce trusts Steph and gives her an assignment. Nice little touch.

What I didn't like. As stated earlier, the kidnap plan really doesn't make sense. It's really an excuse to move the plot forward. We see Damien doesn't get things and really has contempt for humanity.

But that's the problem with Damien. He's a notion, not a character. Steph's noticing Damien is a lost boy says great things about Steph and it really shows that Alfred, Dick and Bruce ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE.

This is a boy with serious emotional problems, and they've done nothing to address them. They're letting this boy go around and beat people up when he should be in intensive therapy. That's a total fail on all three of these men's parts.

The fact that Steph has had more human, humane time with Damien than his supposed father shows that Morrison is still writing Bruce as a terrible person, a deadbeat dad who pursues his own agenda at the expense of an emotionally crippled boy, who needs guidance, compassion and love from his supposed father.

Bruce ignoring his "son" to do Batman Inc. is the action of a bad human being, a bad father and a bad hero. Shame on Morrison and shame on DC for letting this happen. I don't care what Morrison has planned two years down the line, which will explain everything and ties up all the threads of the story. The simple fact of the matter is that Bruce is being an awful, terrible person and no one is calling him on this.

Being a father means having responsibilities that can't be ignored and Morrison has Bruce ignoring them. Fobbing off your "son" (who was created via test tubes and rape of the father) on your adopted son and butler isn't taking care of your responsibilities. It just isn't and anyone who will argue differently is just wrong.

In this issue Steph has done more for Damien than other characters who have had coming on three years of time with him. Good for Steph, shame on everyone else.

But my complaints have more to do with the whole way Damien has been written elsewhere than what is wrong with the issue. Miller has actually asked the questions that others should have asked in other issues. So yea Miller.

This was a great issue, well paced and drawn. After a couple of weaker issues, it is good to see.

Batgor, I mean Batgirl #17 is a home run.

Or I could be wrong.

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