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Subj: Very easy to explain. I think you're simply not used to non-traditional storytelling,
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Reply Subj: OK, can someone explain in layman's terms...
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    what the heck went on in RIP, B & R, Return? I like Grant Morrison on some titles like JLA and X-Men but on others like Seven Soldiers and Final Crisis he seems a pretentious bore. I seem to need to look on the internet to explain to me what I just rad, not a good sign. now, his Bats run started well but it became so hard to follow once we got to the lead up to RIP and then with Final Crisis and Bruce going thru time, even worse. I liked how he visited goofy Silver Age stories and made them palatable for today's readers (just like in All-Star Superman). I like a lot about the run but sometimes his stories need cliff notes. Or perhaps he could decompress them like so many of the other writers do.

    My questions:

    1. Why did Darkseid send Bruce back in time? How did this help his master plan in FC?

    2. How did Dick and Daimian know Bruce was back while fighting Hurt? How did Dick not die from that wound he got?



1. Darkseid was dying from the cosmic bullet that Batman shot him with. Instead of just being taken away by the Black Racer that Flash led to him, he opted for getting creative with his vengeance on Batman, and the Earth in general.

He basically made Batman the focus of a temporal chain-reaction, that made him soak up more and more chronal energy every time he time-jumped, so that when he eventually reached present day, he would go terminal AND DESTROY EARTH! 0_0 So, two flies in one punch, so to speak.

2. "Batman & Robin Must Die" actually partially takes place AFTER Return of Bruce Wayne, so Bats has just returned to regular time when the endgame comes into play there. Hence, why they knew he was back. Also, it was revealed earlier when they were studying the paintings that Red Robin figured where messages from Batman, that they too figured out that yeah, it's Bruce Wayne in the paintings, he's not dead, and he's on his way home.

And I'm a bit surprised that you can't figure out how survived? They say it on-panel.. They mention how many minutes/hours he should have left until his brain dies from the blood-buildup, and in the last pages Dick himself mentions that Bruce got him to the worlds best brain-surgeon.

As in past tense. As in... Batman got him there in time, and he operated on Dick, saving his life. ( off-panel, yes.)

I hope that clears it up.

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