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Here we go.

The issue starts in a police station. The Reapers are breaking in and killing cops to obtain the super suits of the reapers Steph took down.

We then cut to a murder site. It seems the Grey Ghost has been killed. Detective age inappropriate summoned Batgirl using Ghost's magic smart phone to contact Steph. He also asks where Steph went last month. Steph said she had orders to obey. Nick says she never obeys his orders, but Steph points out Batman is just too cool for school, just look at all the Internet traffic over a teaser poster and leaked trailer. The phone also had a video message. It seems the Ghost was only pretending to join forces with the Reapers as a way to protect Steph. It didn't work out, he got squashed.

Detective Nick reveals that the Reapers recruited him in college, a heist went bad and his fiance was killed. I guess she was a Reaper too. Remember kids, crime doesn't pay. Nick apparently has tried to do right by dead-tragic-backstory-subtext girlfriend. But as I've said actually telling the FBI or others about the Reapers, their MO etc.

The Reapers break into Blackgate prison. They're looking for their client who stiffed them on their paycheck. Dudes, you could have stolen millions in untraceable cash, you deserve to get stiffed.

Nick drops Steph off via helicopter. She mentions something about backup. The Reapers are tearing up the place and they tear up Steph. She loses her utility belt and her thigh belt, which turns out to be empty. Oh girls, you and your female vanity.

Steph yells Shazam and backup arrives in the form of Supergirl, the Maid Martian, Bombshell and Stargirl. They proceed to kick ass and take names. Supergirl suggests a regular team up. I would read the living daylights out of that book. Call it the Femme Fatales and it would feature Steph, Cass, Kara and other girl teen superheroines.

Steph says the "client" is most likely behind the only locked door. She opens it and guess who's there, Cluemaster. I totally called it. He's wearing reading glasses and his costume is on a hanger.

Next issue final issue. I die a little inside and curse DC. Gail Simone, you just don't have what it takes to write a charming fun Batgirl. You would rather write "cute" stories about mass murderers having dating fears in The Secret Six like they are awkward teenagers and not people who have killed and killed and killed.

What I liked: Just about everything. It flowed, it worked. Steph proved she is smarter than Bruce because she doesn't hesitate to ask for help. Getting backup was SMART. I bet she also is willing to stop and ask for directions. Can you imagine Bruce doing that? I can't, even with Onstar, I bet he gets lost sometimes.

Having the fellow girl teens, two of whom (yes Steph it was whom) weren't even blondes, was a great idea.

They used astericks to show what previous issues contained plot elements just like I've been suggesting. It's nice to know one has an impact. Now Get Steph another book right now. You're bad people who do evil if you don't.

What I didn't like. The only real problem I have is that it's obvious that they're shoving three issues of plot into one issue. That's not so much a fault as an unfortunate necessity considering the circumstance.

What has to be done. Miller has to really explain how and why Daddy Dearest hired the Reapers and what their deal is. Are they an evil frat, a franchise opportunity, what? What does he hope to gain by hiring them? I'm pretty sure he could have gotten Steph's attention by sending a letter or making a phone call. What was his end game? Make it a good one.

I will miss this book. I will not be reading Babs as Batgirl. Just the idea of de-aging a character and making someone who was Oracle, a congresswoman, etc, a girl again bothers me - a lot. No matter what they do, it doesn't make sense you're a "girl" but were Oracle? She's a veteran heroine, but still "new" and "fresh" for the kids, you know the kids who are supposed to pick this book up. You know the kids who probably haven't watched Yvonne Craig on Batman, a show that went off the air 43 years ago, because Batman really hasn't been in the syndication loop for quite a while. To be fair it has been on Hub for the past few months, but that's for really young kids. I doubt they're going to buy babs as Batgirl again books.

Or I could be wrong, but issue 23 was a strong issue. A stand up triple.

'I will not be reading Babs as Batgirl'
Can we please stop the anti Babs-as-Batgirl comments? Thanks.

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