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It doesn't have to. Maybe there's a two or three month period between Dick leaving and Tim joining. Batman thinks he can rehabilitate Jason Todd but it doesn't work, Joker beats Jason almost to death and Batman fires him for not following orders and being reckless.

Or maybe Batman just does what he did with Stephanie and uses Jason to make Dick jealous and... You know what, there's really no way to write that without it sounding kind of icky.

Of course it could all work. Depending on the characters' ages, you have about a 15 year period where Batman could have been in business.

I feel like he was definitely with Dick for a good while. Like at least 8 of those years.

But there's time for 3 Robins in 15 years.

But that's assuming batman is around 35 or so in the present DCnU. Is that too "old" though for this younger, hipper, wave of heroes. I don't know.

It seems like Superman is definitely now younger than that. Maybe late 20's.