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Batgirl #24

    So it ends. We have the last issue of Steph/Batgirl.

    It feels rushed because it was rushed.

Yeah, but it worked out alright as a story in itself.

    attempts to have yet another Green Arrow book failed.

Surprise surprise.

    Second, getting rid of a book that people like to bring back Babs just won't work. Batgirl is a charming book. It's fun, yet all I've read about Gail Simone's run indicates she's going dark and bad-ass. I just don't see that working. But since the book actually hasn't come out, this is all speculation and I COULD BE WRONG. So why don't I wait and see.

Secret Six was dark but fun. Really enjoyed #36 finale -though actually liked Batgirl finale, as much, if not more. So, definitely looking forward to giving her new book a try. Liked the Red Robin finale 3rd best - especially Bruce and Timm's talk. What did you think of RR?

    But the government decided to ship villains to another planet (like that ever works, just ask the Hulk) and the place to hide is in prison.

Ha! FULL kudos for footnoting that series, though! Sincerely liked that.

    The Rang explodes goo that glues Cluemaster's arm to the wall.

Awesome subtle victory to include. Speaking of walls, they let him hang his costume on the wall - thats wrong for at least 2 reasons involving security and witness protection.

    Steph wakes up in the hospital, wearing a purple undergarment that looks like longjohns under her batgirl armor. She's still wearing her mask. At her bed is her mom. They dance around her secret identity, with mom explaining she unilaterly instigated a no-unmask-heroes policy. Mom lets on that she's proud of her daughter who is definately not Batgirl. Also Batgirl got a blood transfusion.

Heartwarming family moment!!!

    As Batgirl/Steph exits her hospital room she's hugged by the little kids, including the black girl whose name escapes me and has been seen as a cheerleader throughout the book. Through the window we see Damien/Robin saluting Steph.

Loved that scene. Kinda curious if he brought the kids.

    Next scene is on a roof. Barb explains that Steph shook off the mercy dust before she got the blood transfusion. Barb asks Steph what she dreamed of. Steph says Stuff and we see a bunch of one-page spreads showing Batgirl

Satisfying circulatory citation. As for the pin-ups it was forgivably space-indulgent. Plus it had the neat detail of including the plant in every image. The Blackhawks pinup even teased me to imagine that tale. However, since not the focus of the ish, this mightve worked better at a double page collage. Hey, and SS36 wouldve been better with multiple splash pages of their last stand instead of the doublepage - so..uhm.. theres that.

    Cut back to the roof with Babs. They comment on the purple sunrise, with Steph telling Babs it's not pollution but serendipity. Steph says she's happy and this moment belongs to her.

Love that comment. Too many comics have colorists randomly changing background sky scenes willy nilly to fit the mood of the panel. This was perfect this way.

    What I liked. The resolution of Steph fighting off the mercy dust before she gets the transfusion. Also the call back to Steph thinking back to her first mission as Batgirl and being exposed to the Scarecrow's fear dust. This time we see her hopes instead of her fears.

Liked it too. AWESOME catch there with the Scarecrow - never wouldve recalled that and now the finale is that much better.

    All the dreams show us something smart. That Steph's hopes include friends.


    Steph gave a baby up for adoption. This is a nice subtle call back to that plot point which has never been mentioned in Batgirl, but is a part of her history.

Heh, you did it again, youre doing better than this guy when it comes to catches.

    Steph is a vibrant character. This book is fun and charming. Steph fought criminals, there was danger, but there wasn't a psycho-killer who mutilates people for the joy of hearing them scream and has no discernable, normal motive for a crime. (Normal being reasons real criminals in the real world operate).

Yes. And Anne Hathaway might be a better Steph than Selina.

    This book is fun to read. DC, that's not a crime, it's actually a good idea. Having a bright, vibrant character that's a good person and fights the good fight despite her issues and flaws, is a good thing. (See Captain America movie vs. Green Lantern movie box office).

It has been a fun run. The great cover reminds us of all the fun. (Who won that box office war there?)

    I hope Steph comes back. She doesn't have to be Batgirl.

Ditto. With 52 new titles the odds gotta be good...

    Or I could be wrong.

Another enjoyed review with insight into Steph.

Still missing my brother...

As to Captain America vs. Green Lantern on box office, according to Box Offince Mojo As of Aug. 10, 2011, Cap has grossed $148 million domestically and $113 million for a total gross of about $262 million with an estimated budget of about $ 140 million plus marketing expenses.

Green Lantern, on the other hand, did $114 domestic/$45 million foreign for a total of $160 million. Budget is an estimated $200 million plus marketing expenses.

Make of that what you may.

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