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Subj: Re: Gates of Gotham #5...
Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 at 06:16:11 pm CDT (Viewed 269 times)
Reply Subj: Gates of Gotham #5
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Neatly presented review there.

> set up a nice plot in this series, and I believe that will translate well into Snyder’s run with the new 52

So, this is touted as new canon for the nu52?

> not a great hopping on point for the Gates of Gotham, but I like that there is a good amount of thought put into the resolution

Yeah, after sampling one earlier [#3IIRC] issue, never really was curious to get the whole series but was curious enough to see how it all turned out. Cant give it the same high grade but it was an okay read and pretty straight forward conclusion.

> Black Bat (Cass Cain) and Robin, where the pair earlier fought and were in a similar situation, but working together with a mutual respect

It was the most nice to see more of Cass as Black Bat - even if she was a little more verbose than expected/wanted. Very curious that some onliners may feel the mutual respect here:

translated (comically \:\) ) into something more sorted like this here!:

> Everyone in the bat-family was really given a place in this series, and this issue ties up this universe’s storylines of Bruce

Does it jibe with the retcon history of Gotham during the Return of Bruce Wayne? So, Waynes, Elliots, Cobblepots, Kanes - now Gateses and even Arkhams are the be all and end all of Gotham's roots pre and post nu52, eh? It would be a (unexpected) treat if DC officially states what existing storylines of all the DC backissues are still set in stone before investing into the nuBatverse.

> This mini is highly recommended.


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