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    Batman 713
    Written by Fabian. This was a wrap up issue, narrated by Damien. VERY cool way to wrap it up, it gave us insight into the relationship he had with Dick, that made this more than just a recap. The cover is a bit deceiving in that the 4 characters aren't together, but it just felt nice to have this wrap up prior to the big reboot.I liked the focus given to Dick as a personable batman/character.

As wrap up... it worked. Thought the narration is what made the story itself... okay and more than just flashback panels sequentially strung. The bookend McNulty element made it neatly into a one-and-done and the Batpole element neatly made a smiley moment: \:D

    Fabian has a good grasp of the Batverse, they really need to snag him for one of these titles!!!

That could work.

    Batman and Robin 26
    Didn't like the art, the story was so so,

so so... disturbing a villain. Seemingly for disturbing sake only.

    very little character development, focused on weirder type characters and stories, that lack enough hook to make the reader care.


    Red Robin 26
    SO sad this book is ended. What a GREAT ending, what a wonderful wrap up that sets things up well for the new DCU. Fabian has been focused on Tim and his desire to control things, shaping many good story arcs out of it, this is the cherry on the sundae. we see how Tim controls the murderer of his dad, Cpt Boomerang , allowing him, if he would make 1 right choice would change his fate(death), but boomerang doesn't and is set to be killed, in such a way that Tim could live guilt free...True to character he doesn't allow it to happen, but the interaction he has with Bruce at the end of the book, is just AWESOME. Best page of writing I have read in YEARS!

The book ending was good but not as great as SS and BG finales but, yes, that Bruce/Timm sequence was awesome.

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