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Batman: The Dark Knight # 1

Giving the (questionably named) title a bit more leeway than the others nu52's...
thought the art was very good and found the story had decent pace and was more wanting than necessarily boring. Agree about Two-Face - particularly in regards to his lame new name choice.

Thought some of the narration and dialogue read awkward to be kind. For example the way he worked his whole forced analogy of 'fear' being a cannibal into the end of his speech was... weird. Did anyone take it that the opening narration was part of his speech too? Ending his 'fine' speech about not wanting to parent a cannibal seemed like a poor, if not weird, way to end a forum to charm the public.

Wayne Foundation or whatever has a very dull logo. Hovering the Batjet on autopilot over a crime is not that pleasing if it is to be the norm too.

One of my pet peeves are the reappearance of supervillains thru revolving doors - w/o explanation - just for the sake of the writer's villain choice du jour. The inmates of Arkham Asylum have many a time been the worst offenders of this. So, on the plus side this starts off the nu52 and the present state/status for many of the iconic Gotham criminals at large. On the other had it read terribly arbitrary how the easy escape was executed - even if it is (hopefully) detailed later it was very detracting for the premiere. It just reinforced the lesser pet peeve of Arkham Asylum has had pathetic security in too many stories.

Forbes and I.A. is an intriguing plotline. Probably would've been done w/o the reboot considering Wayne backing Batman Inc. screams for it.

Jaina is a looker and talked a lot but unfortunately did not say anything to make her interesting. In fact, she was a turn off with her awkward dialogue just repeating Wayne's compliment about flattery but inflecting the word EVERYWHERE for no good reason at all. Then her desire to be outpunted came across as to obvious and slutty. If thats what she was going for then good for her but it looked like a botchworthy attempt to charm Bruce.

Even with his stingy one panel cameo, Alfred was woefully underplayed.

Curious, if anyone can name the characters breaking out in the double spread?

Looks like Batman has GCPD respect in the nu52 at present. Wonder if that will feel universal across all the #1 Battitles...

Neat detail with names added like Myeres and Fowle. Have to go back and reread it though, just realize missed the running Hooded Lady theme going on with the premieres. Anyone see her right off?

Batman got thru the evil masses to reach his goal with ease. One can credit the assistance of the authorities but the guantlet still read a bit too generic(yeah, a bit boring) but better than any action in the Supertitle premieres. And the ending came across as more strange than dire which had me more baffled than excited for the promise of more ANARCHY AT ARKHAM ASYLUM. Still, plan to give #2 a 2nd chance - really hope there is satisfying exposition and got the likable art and the bunny babe reveal to look forward to.

I miss my brother.

just got this, the comic shop lady put it in my file by mistake and i took it anyhow, the art was good, i thought it moved along well, i found it decent and will look at number 2, although the 2 face thing did seem a bit lame, there was at least dialogue, the JLA 1 was such a quick read, this one at least lasted a bit longer