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Subj: Re: Batgirl #2...
Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 at 06:18:09 am EDT (Viewed 414 times)
Reply Subj: Batgirl #2
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    Batgirl #2

> That says something in and of itself. There's no way I would have missed a Steph Batgirl issue and waited a week to get one.
VERY curious to see how their sales #'s will compare starting next arc.

> and she goes over and she grabs him and he shows his gratitude by throwing off the ledge they landed on. Modern Villains, why do they have to be so ungrateful? Doom wouldn't have tried that. He would have owed her a favor.
Ha! True. On the other hand, it could be fun to imagine/compare how Joker, if he had been saved from the fall, would have responded given his vatfall.

> Babs shoots her grapple line and swings into a parked car,
Loved that detail.

> Commish Jim shows up, puts her in her place as a detective and learns Batgirl is back. Dun Dun DUN!!!
Having NO idea what we are supposed to already know/assume about BG history this was terribly more baffling than dramatic a facial reaction.

> They spar, she laughs at his mirror on the inside of his cape routine.
Reserving judgement how his mirrors work. It will determine his staying power as a Rogue.

> Oh, the evil capitalists who can fight city hall.
She should hear what capitalists say about computer hackers. ;\)

> (See episode of "That 70s Show" where Red and neighbor had a bit about shoes).
Funny stuff!

> why is Batgirl on the list?
Didnt catch why either. Could have been made clear(er) when she found out unless we should presume he knows her ID 'cuz of his power.

> So what did I like?
Great cover.

> I do like the fact that when she goes up against a guy who outweighs her by 100 pounds, all of it muscle, she can't outpunch him.

> charm and fun being gone last issue
It was a high point of Steph's series.

> I probably won't review the next issue, unless Emerickman and Otomo want me to. (Others can request my super insight, my vanity won't be harmed).
But of course! Your reviews are neatly presented and good to read. May be cutting back on Battitles, myself, as DCnU is losing my invested interest. Many factors will influence the decision, your praise/pans of Babs included. It's too bad DCnU reset is not grabbing me; a pure cold restart across the board would have been better to 'get into' over selectively cherry picking back issue stories that will count - for reasons Otomo nicely stated after your last one:

    I'm noticing the same problems with the DUnU that you mentioned with this book across the board. It's a reset, for new readers, with #1s. No history. Yet every book I've read so far presupposes that you know exactly who the characters are and their backstories. Doesn't that defeat the point? Doesn't that mean this really is just a marketing gimmick?

Another benefit of your reviews is that it keeps the traffic flowing at the BMB. The last QUARTER RESULTS puts THOR over 3x more popular than the combine Batverse to comment on! Batinsight might help rectify that! (There's no catching the CBMB though. \:\) )

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