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Yeah, I read that first issue finally a week ago and I was not impressed. I don't think I'll pick this issue up based on my gut feeling and your review.

So, Quinn, E-Man, what are your fav books of the NuDCU so far? If any?

Can't say that I'm crazy about the new DC. It's unrelentingly depressing. It's also been done in a half-baked fashion. From what I've read, even the writers don't know the back story to the characters now. Gail Simone doesn't know if Steph or Cass were Batgirls. The Teen Titans were either eliminated and the current crew is the only crew or there were previous Titans depending on whom you ask.

Superman is a mess. He's now an emo loser version of Peter Parker. Besides being a rip off of Spider-Man that's not who Superman is. It seems like DC is trying to Marvelize their characters. Here's a thought, just writer better stories. That means paying attention to plot, to character. You don't have to create Marvel clones. God knows Marvel has ruined their characters. Iron Man is now a villain, who does terrible things because he knows best. No one seems to realize that's Dr. Doom's motivations too.

Peter Parker is a drunken man-whore who abuses women (yes, using women for selfish sexual satisifaction and not caring about them as people is abuse. Dudes deal with that fact. It's also self-abuse) and gets stuck in STUPID stories. Spider Island is just eight kinds of Stupid. Spider-Man was never a WORLD character who hangs around with Avengers. He was a guy who lived in an apartment or with his aunt, who fought, essentially, super gangsters. Don't get me started on their attempts to get us to like Carly. It's MJ, that's what they're stuck with. Get used to it. Make that relationship work. It's not hard, just have grown ups write the relationship, not emotionally stunted geeks who only know about relationships from what they've seen in bad comics and television. Keeping Peter single is as big a trap as making him married. We now know that his relationships will never work out, so why get invested? When I was 11 I didn't mind Peter and MJ because I sould trace back the relationship (back when they used footnotes to say what happened in old issues. I used those footnotes to get the old issues. Bring back footnotes. It allows people to get involved without having to reboot. Of course that means someone has to pay attention and you can't have five different Spider-Man stories in a month with five different writers who aren't paying attention to what the other writers are doing).

Brubaker ruined Captain America for me. He essentially made cap Bucky's bitch in a story that doesn't make sense if you look at it for five seconds. Think about it. Cap has super soldier formula, but it's the five foot six inch tall young guy with no super soldier formula who does the hard things like infiltrate enemy lines. Why anyone would object to Cap actually killing enemy soldiers during WWII is never asked. It just makes him unpure. He won't do it because he's such a goody-goody, so Bucky does it. That makes Bucky coool and Cap an ass. In WWII no one would have objected to Cap sneaking in and killing sentries. Wouldn't have happened. He would have been praised for it because THEY WERE NAZIS and IMPERIAL JAPANESE SOLDIERS trying to take over the world and were responsible for countless atrocities. He wouldn't have been killing Amish pacifists trying to rescue starving nuns and orphans.

It's Bucky with the tragic back story now. He killed under Russian control. He has the awful memories. Now Marvel has so many WWI survivors around that basically all of Cap's friends are around.Look at it. Bucky, Sgt. Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, I think Gabe Jones, Spitfire, Human Torch, Sub Mariner. Are all still around and in good health 66 years after the war is over.

Bucky can beat all of Cap's foes, despite not having super soldier strength, endurance, reflexes, speed, muscles, etc. Makes anything Steve did, kind of ordinary. He's not special, he's just another guy in good shape. Now anyone can be Cap. When Steve Englehardt had Cap retire, several people tried to be Cap. They all failed, because it takes a really special person to be Captain America. Well Bru changed that.

Now Bucky is the interesting person, he's the Mary Sue. Steve, on the other hand, is kind of meh. He's dull. He's driven by events, he does not drive events. Steve is now the naive, instead of principled, person who does one foolish thing after another because his goodness is really just goody-goody foolishness that doesn't take into account today's hard realities.

Thor is just an arrogant doof. Forget the smarts and wisdom shown in Walt Simonson's time, or the robust heroism and compassion from Lee/Kirby. No all the Asgardians are entitled jerks.

Luke Cage when from a tough, angry black man who wasn't going to be told what to do, but is still a good man, to a guy who says Captain America is here we're saved. This is a guy who under Steve Englehardt had Cage storm Latveria and confront Dr. Doom because Doom owed him $200. And Cage got his money.

I am just about out of comics. Which is probably a good thing. I have been reading the Essential Marvels lately. Even the best stories have a certain simplicity that's good for teenagers, but as a grown up, I can see the plot holes. But those books were fun, had charm, had momentum. Something happened every issue. Clues to future stories were dropped and the books tended to be about good people trying to do the right thing in a world that doesn't always reward that. Now the "heroes" are people who do terrible things, justify it in their minds, are responsible for large numbers of deaths and suffer no consequences.

Writers are tired of writing Hulk, so create Red Hulk and he's a killer, yet allowed to walk around free.

I don't like today's comics because today's "heroes" are bad people.

Or I could be wrong.

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