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Subj: Federal agents do pop up from time to time
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This is somewhat silly...But does the FBI have an office in Gotham?

I have read some BATMAN issues and when watching THE DARK KNIGHT again recently, I was wondering, where is the FBI in all of this?

Can anyone remember ANY federal law enforcement agency, real or fictional, helping out GCPD with their problems?

Jim Starlin used the FBI in his Batman run in the late 80s.

For instance: There was a whole squad of FBI agents working with the GCPD in the "Ten Nights of the Beast" story arc (debut of the KGBeast). The mission statement was to prevent the KGBeast from killing ten selected Americans, of whom the last on the list was President Ronald Reagan.

(I'm not saying the FBI agents did very well against the Beast, but at least they tried!)

There was also a CIA agent working on that case -- he was more tolerant of Batman's unconventional methods than was Agent Parker, the very by-the-book FBI agent in charge of the squad trying to catch the Beast.

About a year later, around the end of his run, Starlin did a one-issue story which showed Batman fighting his way through a whole bunch of guys in suits on the cover. The caption was something like this: "And if he gets past the FBI . . ."

I think one of Chuck Dixon's miniseries about Gordon and the GCPD, back around the late 1990s or thereabouts, included an FBI agent (who turned out to be crooked, if memory serves). The idea was that a gang of armed men (some or all of whom were crooked GCPD cops, as it turned out) had stolen six million dollars in crisp hundred-dollar bills from the Gotham branch office of the Federal Reserve. The gang had made a clean getaway and it was several months before any of the bills turned up. (The idea was that since they were brand new off the printing presses, the government knew exactly what range of serial numbers should be on the bills in those shipping cases, I think.)

Also in the 1990s, there was the short-lived series "Chase." The title character was a federal agent of the (fictional) agency "the DEO" which specialized in superpowered problems. She actually debuted in a Batman storyline in one of his own titles, as I recall, and then got spun off into her own title (which lasted maybe a year?).

I seem to recall that Jeph Loeb had FBI agents working on a kidnapping case (involving Killer Croc) in the beginning of the 12-part "Hush" epic. There was something of an ego clash between their leader and Batman on how to handle the case.

And for whatever it's worth, when Batman's origin story was retold in the "zero issues" of his core titles right after "Zero Hour," we were told that young Bruce Wayne actually joined the FBI and then walked out after six weeks -- probably because it involved far too much paperwork and not nearly enough action for his tastes?

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