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Well you and Emerickman convinced me to stick with the book at least until the first story block was completed. And yes I do like writing for an audience, so my vanity was fed knowing that at least you two would read them and comment.

But I just feel the Simone Batgirl is no good. She still hasn't done some basic stuff like explaining how Babs got her mobility back and why she is risking said mobility by being Batgirl. That's a big hole and it should have been filled by the first story arc's conclusion.

I also don't find the stories any fun. Hey, guys fun is not a crime in a comic book. I do wonder what you and Emerickman think of both my reviews and the first new Batgirl arc. Let me know, you too Abe.

Your review here was good to read - once again! Did read the issue and actually liked 4 better than 1,2,or3. To be fair, Editorial surely has a huge shepharding affect on the direction of the title - granted, fun Steph WAS fun and fun IS fun! Plus, your contributing is appreciated - this month, ATM, only had 11 posts tallied, yet bad for the BMB, 14 other boards got much higher counts. You should stick around if you can surely one of the New 52 will bring the fun - its seems a probability likelihood! Hopefully it is a Batverse title that will entice you to keep the critiques coming - though even if Batgirl isn't great you still may find yourself providing contructive criticism courtesy to DC [as a Marvel Zombie might advise ;\) ]

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