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For what it's worth, this issue shows the problem with Damien. Damien kills yet again. The killing he did in the awesome Batgirl Batman Inc. doesn't count. The old guy Damien killed is Ra's Al Ghul. That hasn't been revealed but rearrange the letters and the fact the guy was around Hilter, it's Ra's.

Back to my point. Damien kills. It's bad to kill. It's very bad for 10 year old boys to kill. It warps the mind, and a mind warped that early in life is very difficult if impossible to unwarp. By Bruce Wayne paying more attention to fighting his war on crime instead of actually being a good father to a disturbed 10 year old boy, Bruce is a huge dick. Again, as I've said elsewhere (see my recent Captain America post) what you could get away with decades ago with silver and gold age comics, you can't get away with now. Bruce is a bad father who is doing incredible damage to his produced by rape grown in a test tube "son". That makes Bruce and Batman hugely awful as a character. Batman should never be portrayed as awful. He's cool, not a child abuser.

How many people does Damien have to kill before it dawns on Bruce taking a 10 year old boy out to fight psychotic murderers is a really bad idea.

Or I could be wrong.

Cannot say my opinion of Damien, particularly his successes at age 10, are much different from yours as presented pre and post FP. Although his pre-pubescent Guy Gardner personality has been a fun read - at times (like, eg. interacting with Steph and Kara). Must say that his scene in this issue did have dramatic impact though, considering it only as part of this story arc. The vagueness of his new nu52 history however further offsets any appreciation how he has lasted this long as top 10 assassin and distractingly puts too much wonder in Boy Wonder. More backstory details may help but if Robin justs alienates any fanbase as you allude then is there a point to keeping him around? Curious what other BMBers think.

Do not think you are that wrong with your Cap post either. Although, specifically Cap and Namor have satisfactory established reasons to still be around. Even Torch, ignoring the severity of his multiple 'shut downs'. However the JSA and the other Timely Heroes still kicking around is a pain.

Interesting Ra's catch - will have to go reread that...

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
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