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Episode opens with a man tied to a chair on a rooftop, the person puts a noose on the guys neck and sends him over the edge to hang.

marcone and Penguin celebrate the downfall of Fish.
He tells Marcone that he claimed the nightclub in Marcone's name.
Fish then calls Marcone and they chat on the phone.
She rats out Penguin as a Falcone agent, Marcone is skeptical but Fish points out a few things about Penguin and Marcone is not pleased.....he states he needs to go upstate and wants Penguin to go with him, NOW.
Penguin is all for it, but he might be suspicious

Bullock and the Captain are on the roof talking about the incident. Nygma is there and tries a riddle but Bullock warns him they are on a rooftop... Nymga states there is a hole in the abdomen of the victim and the Captain reminds Nymga that he only does forensics and the surgeon will check the wound. Bullock is near the roof edge and the Captain warns him about Flass' arrest and that accidents can happen.

Selina is at Gordon's place when Gordon arrives looking for Barbara, he still doesn't know that miss useless ran home to mommy and daddy.

Gordon catches Selina and they chat. It is Barbara's apartment and Gordon states he came to drop off keys, and states he will take Selina somewhere safe. Selina tells Gordon she lied about being a witness then jumps off the balcony and escapes Gordon.

Gordon speaks with Bruce. he informs him about what Selina said, Bruce confirms it, but Gordon thnks she is lying out of fear. Bruce disagrees and affirms his belief in her. Gordon states the assassins were sent by someone that is guilty. Alfred reminds him they attacked the mansion. Bruce releases Gordon from his promise and states he will pursue the case on his own and leaves the room. Alfred blocks Gordon from pursuing Bruce and assures him that Bruce's mind is set and that he (alfred) will look after him. Alfred shows Gordon out.

Marcone and Penguin arrive in the country side, Marcone has a large dufflebag with him and Penguin is very suspicious. They chat in a cabin and Marcone is talking about how Gotham is noisy, etc. and that it is good to get away and connect with each other. Marcone talks about the deal that was made for the land to save Penguin's neck. Marcone then talks about how Frankie was stabbed 10 times instead of it being a gunfight. he then says he's going to get some air and asks Penguin to wait inside for the "guy with the thing".

Back at the city, Bullock talks to someone that knew the victim. Turns out she was his sponsor in a phobia support group. Turns out the victim had a fear of heights. Bullock asks about the group, it is an anonymous group, and Bullock asks her about attending the meeting himself and perhaps to dinner with her later.

Gordon arrives and states it was a banker's chair from a closed down bank. Bullock clearly has eyes for the girl.

We then cut scene to a man that is confronted by the killer who is holding an animal in his hand, which freaks the guy out. he gets tazed and abducted.

Nygma checks the body anyway, and is caught by the Medical Examiner and the Captain. The M.E. is not pleased and the Captain suspends Nygma. he found something but is not listened to.

Bullock and Gordon chat and asks her about Dr. Thompkins and how Barbara and Jim are done. Bullock comments to Gordan that he shouldn't screw things up with Dr Thompkins, since all time Gordon has been giving speeches, etc, he's had a girlfriend and that the idea of what Jim Gordon could do alone without a woman to keep him anchored is terrifying. Hm, jokes aside, Bullock makes a good point.

Then they hear a scream and charge in guns ready. The find someone tied to a chair with pigs walking around him and person with a knife and wearing a pigmask about to cut the guy, the pigmasked person approaches them with the knife and gets shot down.

We then cut to Fish on a boat in the waters. The Captain checks on her and they chat for a moment.

At GCPD, they are still running ID on the person they shot. Bullock thinks the guy worked alone, but Gordon isn't so sure. Gordon thinks of asking Nygma as he doesn't trust the M.E., the Captain tells him that Nygma is suspended. The Captain warns him that they are all being watched due to Flass' arrest and how they have to be careful now due to Flass having friends.

Nygma visits the girl he had been speaking to, he returns what is left of a pencil he borrowed from her. She thanks him and Nygma leaves.

Back at the cabin, Penguin gets a gun as Marcone returns to the cabin. Marcone tells him they need to speak. marcone states they need to have total honesty and trust, Penguin agrees.

Marcone states there is no "guy with a thing", and asks Penguin for a secret. Penguin states he has no secrets then states he doesn't like oatmeal.

Marcone then tells another secret "Fish Mooney is alive" and that she warned him that Penguin and Falcone are working together and playing Marcone for a sucker. Penguin asks if he believes her and he states he isn't suer, but that she put some past incidents into a different viewpoint. he then asks Penguin for another secret.....

Penguin then states he took the gun from the dufflebag and holds it up for Marcone to see. Marcone responds "that is a good secret." Penguin states he took it figuring that Fish was on the phone and that Marcone may have believed her. Marcone asks if Fish was telling the truth and Penguin levels the gun at him and asks Marcone for a secret.

Marcone then calls Penguin a dirtbag, etc. Penguin cocks the gun and Marcone states the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin doesn't believe him and shoots.......whoops! The gun was loaded with blanks.

Penguin tries to run and Marcone attacks and knocks him senseless.

Gordon and Thomkins have a date, and he asks for her help on the case and she isn't too thrilled but they chat and he confirms he wanted to see her. They talk and laugh a bit, Gordon gets a call while she looks at the case file. Gordon has to go, kisses her and leaves. Gordon contacts Bullock and tells him the victim awoke and states he was taken by two men.

Bullock is chatting with the sponsor and learns she is afraid of swimming pools. Bullock admits he is scared all the time and she tells him he should speak to the group. Bullock then meets a guy who states he is a regular.

Marcone has Penguin at a junkyard and tells him how he plans to crush him in a car crusher. Penguin then tells him that Falcone knows more about Indian Hill then he lets on and offers to find out. Marcone doesn't believe him as he is angry about Frankie.

Scene change to Nygma at the locker room and he picks a lock on a locker.

Scene change to Bullock at the group and tells them how he is afraid of dying in an alley someday. Another first time person admits to fear of failing at anything.

Scene change back to Penguin, he is trying to escape and calls Marcone on his phone and warns him that whoever controls Arkham controls Gotham. Marcone tells him to shut up and take it like a man.

Penguin then calls the man that runs the salvage company and tells him he works for Falcone and that he called Falcone and told him what is happening and that Falcone will deal with him if Penguin dies. The guy stops the crusher and leaves. Marcone shoots at the guy and Penguin gets out of the car.

Marcone is not pleased.

Back at the support group, Bullock notes the time and leaves. We see someone dumped in a van and take off as Bullock sees them

back at GCPD, the M.E. opens his locker and assorted body parts come tumbling out and some cops walk in.

Gordon and the Captain talk about the other perp. Bullock gets a lead from the victim's mom about where she nearly drowned once and he and Gordon head out.

A cop then approaches the Captain with a severed arm and she states "tell me that is not what it looks like"

Turns out the girl appears to have been abducted by a man named Crane...
He works to induce fear in her as his son arrives on the scene, he gives him money for the meter and tells him to leave. After the kid leaves, he dumps her into the pool and watces her struggle. Gordon gives the guy chase while Bullock rescues her. Bullock gives CPR while Gordon tries to get the guy, She coughs water and awakes, the guy escapes.

Penguin is found by a church bus, penguin then gives a sermon about how he was tested in the pits and survived. They give him a lift back to Gotham.

Thomkins tells Gordon she checked the corpse in the morgue and that the killer took the adrenal glands, stating at the moment of death the glands would have a high concentration of chemicals. She states it took a Doc or nurse to cleanly remove them.

Gordon tells her she may have a job as M.E. as the other one has been fired for stealing body parts. He asks her out and they almost kiss, but he is on duty and has many witnesses and that he has an image to keep up. They kiss anyway and Nygma and everyone sees.....

Nymga tells the girl he is no longer suspended. She tells him he owes her a new pencil.

Back on Fish's boat there is gunfire. A gunmman kills the Captain then enters the room, he sees Fish and she sees him, the both crouch, growl and charge each other.....

End of Ep.

Interesting turn of events. Penguin is now a dead man in the eyes of Fish and Marcone and he better hope that Falcone can and will help him. Penguin also told Marcone he claimed Fish's club so he may not be able to go back to it.

Everyone at GCPD now knows Gordon has a girlfriend.....that is BAD, as Flass' cronies may attack him through her. She might be the new M.E. or not, if she does get the job, Nygma will do to her what he did to the last one, yes it was Nygma that framed the M.E.

The escaped man should be Crane, the father of Jonathan Crane, the future Scarecrow. Given that they appear to be stealing adrenal glands at time of death, it is likely they are gathering components for the future Scarecrow fear gas.

A token appearance by Selina.

Bruce is now showing some of the cold blooded determination that he will always show in the years to come as the Batman. How Bruce plans to solve the murder of his parents on his own is not yet known. Alfred of course remains loyal to Bruce.

No appearance by useless Barbara, that is a good thing. Her character needs a total revamp from junkie/bisexual/hot blonde or else she needs to be dumped from the show.

barbara will become in the future the wife of Gordan, so they will need to somehow tie her back into the series now though...

The father is setting up his son to become the real scare Crow now in a bad way...

Thought that it was interesting that seemed that penguin and the Riddler will be having some face time discussion next show...

When will the riddler start showing up?

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