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Subj: Next Week's episode: THE RED HOOD
Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 at 12:22:47 am EST (Viewed 370 times)
Reply Subj: GOTHAM EP 15
Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 at 10:52:03 pm EST (Viewed 392 times)

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Episode opens with the usual recap.

Then opens with a man being invaded in his home by some punks that appear to be dressed as the devil. He is terrified of course.

Meanwhile FIsh Mooney wakes up somewhere and is told by another prisoner that this is no dream. Two goons then approach her and she is warned that the first person to approach a new girl gets jumped by the second man. She then tells the two goons they mess with her, she will kill them. They back off.

Scene change to Gordon and Thompkins on their third date, which nearly leads back to her home. However she tells him she needs to rest for tomorrow when she starts her new job at GCPD as the new Medical Examiner. Gordon for the most part is thrilled for her, but she is nervous at working their with him. I see conflicts of interest forming.....

Bullock and Gordon at at the scene where the man was scared and killed and has the same surgical incisions as past victims.

Scene change to Crane's lab where he takes an adrenal gland from cold storage and is experimenting. He then steps into a hallway and injects himself. The serum seems to work and he sees what appears to be his wife burning in fire.....we also learn his name is Gerald

Scene jump to Wayne Manor, Bruce is packing and Alfred offers to go with him but Bruce declines. He assures him he will be fine and back before dark. Bruce is apparently conducting an old family tradition that he and his father did.

Scene change: Penguin is talking to Falcone at Fish's old club. Falcone suggests Penguin cleanup and redesign the place. Penguin reiterates his request for protection. Falcone reminds him they need the nightclub to generate money, to maintain control which means they can keep up images and control and keep Penguin alive. Falcone assures Penguin he has earned the club and that his days of sneaking around are over and that he is with Falcone now publically. He also assures him that he will handle Marcone, personally. Potential mob war brewing here, however until the club is restored and restaffed, Penguin is vulverable unless Falcone posts guards there.

At GCPD, Bullock and Gordon talk about their case, and Thompkins arrives to start her shift. They of course play it professionally and she heads off to start. Bullock warns him about office romances ending badly....

They go through the books and Bullock finds Gerald Crane, and they head out to see him.

Scene change back to Fish, she is starting to learn of the place when their captors serve food. She is warned that the boss eats first, and she gets a glimpse of the top dog of the prison.

Bruce is in the woods walking around, exploring, he finds a rock and pockets it.

Bullock and Gordon talk to the head of the school about Crane. They learn his wife died a few years ago. They ask if Crane talked about phobia or fear. She asks them if phobics were targeted and their adrenal glands removed, they say yes and she gives him a copy of a research paper of Crane's about fear and how fear was an evolutionary flaw. She warns them he was trying to cure himself of fear. They then chat with Nygma who is reading Crane's paper and they deduce Crane is harvesting fear glands. Gordon notes that Crane is trying to innoculate himself and a "subject B" which gets Nygma all curious.

Back at Crane's he is shooting up with the serum and seeing his burning wife again when Jonathan Crane (his son) talks to him. he assures his son that the serum is working and asks if he is ready.

Falcone talks to Marcone, Marcone assures Falcone they are friends but Penguin is a dead man. Falcone responds "so be it" Penguin is working to remodel the nightclub when his invitations arrive. He states he will deliver one in person and asks his goon to deliver the rest.

Fish goes to speak to the prison boss. She offers her assorted skills to the boss and he thnks it over.

Penguin goes to GCPD to give his invitation to Gordon but he isn't there. We then get the meeting of Nygma and Penguin. They briefly chat but Nygma of course alienates Penguin who tells him to keep walking. Gordon arrives and Penguin goes to give him his invitation. Gordon declines, and tells him he doesn't want to have Penguin at the station again and that he doesn't want himself involved with Penguin. Penguin advises him that he is better as a friend and that one day Gordon will need his help. Penguin leaves and Gordon tosses out the envelope.

Meanwhile, Jonathan gets injected by his father. he of course freaks out as the serum works.

Bruce is still trekking through the woods and comes across a pile of stones and adds the stone he find to a pile that has a stone initialed BW. Next to it is a pile of stones that is bigger and marked TW (thomas wayne). he also adds one to his dad's pile of stones then takes the one with his dads initals, ponders for a moment then throws it away. Then in a fit of rage and grief he smashes the piles then cries for a few moments then leaves. However he takes a bad step and slides down the ground and loses consciousness for a bit.

He awakes later to see his right ankle needs medical attention and a storm is coming.

at GCPD, Gordon and Thompkins chat a bit about office decorum when Bullock arrives.

At Falcone's place, Falcone chats with Marcone. Marcone asks why Falcone is intent on keeping Penguin alive. Falcone tells him that Penguin is a money maker and a valuable asset, and that Penguin knows he can never be the boss. That opinion is shared by Marcone, they both feel that a freakish looking man like Penguin can never be the boss. Falcone assures Marcone that he will show his gratitude in a more formal way, but Marcone tells him it is not about money that it is personal. Falcone then asks him if he knows the Chief Judge of Gotham, Marcone states that he put away some powerful pals of his, Falcone states the judge is hard and righteous, etc. marcone tells Falcone that if he brigns him the Judge's head and 200 thousand dollars that he would accept it. Falcone assures him he can offer more then the Judge's head. They walk down the hall and we hear someone suffering. They look through a window and see the judge being beaten, bound and gagged and a young man on the ground.

Apparently the judge was out with a young man (i don't think we need an explanation for that) and Falcone had him drugged and taken prisoner. Falcone tells Marcone that the Judge is his. Falcone states they will share the Judge but in spirit he belongs to Marcone. As Marcone looks on and smiles, the torturer is forcing the judge to smile for a camera. pleased.

Back at GCPD, Bullock suggests that Gordon chat with CObblepot about Crane. Gordon refuses, Bullock reminds him they have no leads and would need another body to drop. Gordon then asks what made Crane this way and they check into how his wife died. Turns out she died in a house fire and that Crane lied about it being a car crash. They learn that Crane was in the house when she died and he was too scared to save her. They get the address and go to his house.

Crane is still seeing his burning wife and then calls for his son. he sees Jonathan trying to run away through the yard and he stops him right next to a SCARECROW. He begs his son to help continue the experiment but he deosn't want to. He assures him it is for the good of mankind and asks him to continue helping him. Camera pauses for a moment on the scarescrow.....

At Wayne Manor, Alfred awaits Bruce's return. Bruce is trying to get moving and rigs a splint for his leg. Darkness has fallen now and Bruce tries to get his bearings before trying to stand.

Fish speaks to the main prisoner, we learn his name is Mace. Turns out he is in charge mainly that he has the only blade in the prison. Fish gets the blade from him, kills him and declares she is in charge now.

Gordon and Bullock arive and Crane and his son evacuate after he takes the serum samples with him. he is determined to finish the protocol and loads a syringe with more then the normal dose and sticks it into his son. he looks at the scarecrow as the serum takes hold and he freaks out. Gordon and Bullock warn him to surrender, Crane states he has no fear of them and gets into a shootout which of course ends badly for Gerald Crane. Gordon sees Jonathan convulsing on the ground and Gordon calls for an ambulance.

Bruce is crawling through the woods determined to reach home. He gets to the hilltop and sees Alfred sitting there with a campfire going. Turns out Alfred was waiting for the past hour and Bruce isn't too thrilled that he didn't help him up the hill. Alfred reminds him he didn't help him down the hill. Alfred helps Bruce sit at the fire, Bruce wants to go home at first until Alfred reminds him they can sit and watch the sunrise like Bruce and his dad did.

Scene change to the club, it is reopened and the band is playing, but there seems to be a lack of guests. Don Marone shows up and Penguin is freaked. They chat a bit and Marone tells him that he had a chat with Falcone and that things are now good between him and long as he doesn't give any more secrets of his to Falcone. he then pours Penguin a glass and deliberately overfills the glass and warns him that the instant Falcone is dead, he will kill Penguin. Marone then leaves and Penguin is.....not happy.

Back at the forest, Alfred and Bruce see the sunrise.

At GCPD, Thompkins chats with Gordon about the case. Paramedics stabilized Jonathan and that Gordon is going to check on him at the hospital. They then chat and she tells Gordn she has tickets to the circus and he agrees to go. Gordon then asks her to refrain him kissing him while they are on the job. She teases him a bit and he leaves.

At the prison, Fish declares she is the new order of the prison. Theguards then dumps a girl into the cell and we see the girl had her eyes cut out.

At the hospital, the Dr states they are still trying to ID all the components of the serum. A CAT-scan was run to see if there is any brain damage, teh chemicals have worn off but the damage is done. Jonathan Crane now lives in a constant state of fear, always seeing his worst fears every hour of every day..... We then see that Jonathan is seeing Scarecrows attacking him......

End of ep.

1. We don't know the location or name of Fish's prison, may she stay there.

2. the meeting of Nygma and Penguin was a joke.

3. Awkwardness abounds between Gordon and Thompkins now that they are coworkers.

4. penguin is now currently safe from Don Marone, however he is quite clear on the fact that when Falcone dies, Marone will come to kill Penguin.

5. Falcone and Marone both think Penguin can never be a crime boss due to his appearance and mousy behavior, but they agree that Penguin can make money and has some value. However Marone wants revenge on Penguin and even though Falcone tossed him one DOOZY of a peace offering and that things are good for now, Penguin better start amassing firepower and goons and information on Marone.

6. Even though Penguin works for Falcone and that employment is now public knowledge, Penguin could start slowly setting himself up as a third power in the crime hierarchy of Gotham or at least set himself up as Falcone's protege to take over in later years.

7. Best of all, no mention of useless Barbara nor any scenes of her. Good riddance.

For those that are all psyched that we are getting a look at the one who would become The Joker, let us all remember some things:

1. It is at least 10 years before the Batman arrives in the city.

2. Presuming they stay with history regarding the Joker, he will end up getting an acid bath at Axis Chemicals and end up going insane and becoming the Joker.

3. There are multiple continuities about the original Red Hood. Either it was the man who would be the Joker forced to wear the Red Hood by the Red Hood gang and he gets the chemical bath, or he was already a criminal using the Red Hood identity until he got dunked in the chemicals and becomes the Joker. Now after teh 2011 reboot of DC, there was a Red Hood Gang that began to form after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne and again the Joker does NOT arise until after Batman arrives in the city.

Judging by the pictures that have been released at the above posted link, the unmasked Red Hood that is in the street is likely part of the Red Hood Gang, and is clearly NOT the kid that tormented Bruce, which forced Alfred and BRuce to confront him later at the kid's home. This is the same kid that doesn't appear to be much older then Bruce himself, so the odds of him being the Red Hood are about slim to none. The kid might be in the gang, but the kid becoming the leader and then the Joker? Don't make me laugh.

Also it appears in one of the released photos that useless Barbara shows up. Too bad, she was better off gone.

Also I would remind all and sundry that IF the Joker showed up now in this pre Batman era, that many fans wouldn't accept it very well, the show may well jump the shark, and the Joker would make mince meat out of the police. They are not equipped for someone like him.

So unless the series fast forwards a few years with Season 2 and Bruce returns as Batman, we are NOT getting the Joker.

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