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Subj: Re: Next Week's episode: THE RED HOOD
Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 at 02:54:38 am EST (Viewed 330 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Next Week's episode: THE RED HOOD
Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 at 12:38:36 pm EST (Viewed 296 times)

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    For those that are all psyched that we are getting a look at the one who would become The Joker, let us all remember some things:

    1. It is at least 10 years before the Batman arrives in the city.

    2. Presuming they stay with history regarding the Joker, he will end up getting an acid bath at Axis Chemicals and end up going insane and becoming the Joker.

    3. There are multiple continuities about the original Red Hood. Either it was the man who would be the Joker forced to wear the Red Hood by the Red Hood gang and he gets the chemical bath, or he was already a criminal using the Red Hood identity until he got dunked in the chemicals and becomes the Joker. Now after teh 2011 reboot of DC, there was a Red Hood Gang that began to form after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne and again the Joker does NOT arise until after Batman arrives in the city.

    Judging by the pictures that have been released at the above posted link, the unmasked Red Hood that is in the street is likely part of the Red Hood Gang, and is clearly NOT the kid that tormented Bruce, which forced Alfred and BRuce to confront him later at the kid's home. This is the same kid that doesn't appear to be much older then Bruce himself, so the odds of him being the Red Hood are about slim to none. The kid might be in the gang, but the kid becoming the leader and then the Joker? Don't make me laugh.

    Also it appears in one of the released photos that useless Barbara shows up. Too bad, she was better off gone.

    Also I would remind all and sundry that IF the Joker showed up now in this pre Batman era, that many fans wouldn't accept it very well, the show may well jump the shark, and the Joker would make mince meat out of the police. They are not equipped for someone like him.

    So unless the series fast forwards a few years with Season 2 and Bruce returns as Batman, we are NOT getting the Joker.

Well the promo all but said we're getting the guy who will one day become the Joker. I don't see any reason to doubt it.

Will it suck? Well probably no more or less than anything else the show has done. I mean this is the same show that has Harvey Dent as being old enough to be Bruce's dad and Catwoman as a sarcastic tween.

Here's my problem, if my memory is still working right, in the comics there has never been any official revelation about who Joker was before he became the Joker.

yes we have the jack Napier origin from the Tim Burton movie, and jack Napier was mentioned once in a Batman TAS episode by a Dr at Arkham. However last I checked that is not official canon to the Joker's history in the comics.

Joker has stated in the past that he likes to remember his life in multiple choice. Everything he states about his past is a lie.

Supposedly in Death of the Family when Batman faced down Joker he told Joker that he knew who he was, and Joker did a swan dive off a ledge in the batcave. However there is still no official revelation of who the Joker was before he was the Joker, except for being the Red Hood or part of the Red Hood gang.

Thus I think that a reveal of a pre-Joker face, or pre-Joker name would be a bad idea on the show. If they want to have the Red Hood gang that is fine, if they want to have a Red Hood that is fine. That doesn't mean that any one calling himself the Red Hood at this early point in time is the one that becomes the Joker. But the Red Hood's face and name must not be revealed, just like for years in the Spidey comics we did not know that Roderick Kingsley was the true Hobgoblin

Also the thought that Gordon is going to suit up as Batman until Bruce is old enough is just plain dumb. Those that want to spread that rumor should be ignored.

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