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    The board of Wayne Enterprises doesn't seem interested in hiring him again. Which means he is free to help Alfred and Bruce


    Riddler: well he is a repressed nerd for lack of a better description. Her rejecting him may be the start of him going down the dark path but I don't think it will be the sole cause. In Batman TAS he was out for revenge for the CEO that stole his ideas and also taunted him that if he was so smart why wasn't he rich?

    I think it will be a combination of: broken heart/his love of the game/the fact that few are his intellectual equal (in his opinion), the realization that he could be extremely wealthy

    The stash of blackmail data could be on Loeb's office or hidden on that farm, or somewhere that only Loeb knows and can access. Also it is likely that he will set up a "poison pill" as it were where if he is removed from office or killed that the data goes out, now that he knows Gordon is on to him. Gordon though is smart to keep Loeb as the commissioner for now. Another Falcone agent will take his place, and Gordon has leverage on him, which makes Gordon now very hard to oust from the police dept. Of course Gordon could still have an....accident.... ;\)

    Gordon: unfortunately he has compromised his integrity a bit in this episode. He has resorted to blackmailing the blackmailer as it were by using the leverage to get Bullock in the clear and to set himself up as President of the Police system. He has also made a deal with Penguin, and now owes him a favor, no questions asked. Bullock knows of the deal but he now owes Gordon big time and will stand by him as much as possible now.

    Alfred: I like him. The actor is the son of the Third Doctor and he plays Alfred a bit differently then we are used to. We are used to Alfred acting as the guiding voice for Batman to help keep him grounded, and of course medical aid for when Batman is injured. This time though we have Alfred as the guardian/surrogate father and protector of Bruce Wayne. He is trying his best but being a parent is new to him, plus he has to balance his authority as Bruce's guardian with the fact that Bruce is also his boss and that Bruce ultimately has final say on things.

That's just me Alfred usually is seen as Bruce's parental figure but I don't see that here. Alfred lets the boy do whatever he wants.

I hate to say this but the scenes I hate most on this show are the scenes with Alfred and/or Bruce.

    As to Alfred getting Bruce to lie to Gordon, he's teaching him that you don't rat out a friend or squad mate. It is a mixed lesson as Bruce is collaborating in lying to Gordon.

But I would say that Batman would apprehend a friend who tried to kill a colleague in front of a child. I don't think Batman would cover that up.

Right, Batman wouldn't. But at the moment Bruce is a far cry from being the Batman. He is showing signs of the stubborn zen willpower that he will possess as Batman but for now he is just a confused, angry and heartbroken kid.

As to Alfred, again he has to balance legal guardian duty with the fact that Bruce is his boss. Alfred may also be giving Bruce some free reign to an extent given the trauma Bruce has endured. Also Alfred strikes me as not having any kids of his own prior to this so being a parental figure is a bit new to him.

As to the scenes with Bruce, there have been some good ones such as when Bruce went hiking into the woods and later saw the sunrise with Alfred, and when Bruce called out the board of Wayne Enterprises about his suspicions.

Right now the board is tolerating Bruce's existence, but since he has shown that he can be a potential threat to their power, now the board is going to take action against him and Alfred.

This may be a good time for Bruce to go to Switzerland again......

Or perhaps he and Alfred will have to take shelter for awhile in the bat-cave? At this point in time Bruce should have already stumbled into the cave as shown in Batman year one and his father boarded up the entrance, but that doesn't mean they can't reopen it or make an entrance from within the manor itself. We all know that eventually the grandfather clock will servr to cover the door to the cave, and Bruce may need an emergency place to hide when the mansion is inevitably visited by intruders sent by the board.

The series should also have Bruce start considering his world trip where he starts to learn the skills to be Batman.

Also as Bruce appears to have controlling interest in the company and the board did acknowledge that it IS his company, surely he can simply say to the board those magic words "You're fired" and bring in new board members? I suspect Lucias Fox already works for the company but isn't on the board, he could easily become vice-chairman with Bruce above him and steer the company on the right track until Bruce comes of age.

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