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Again, an issue where nothing really happens. It begins with Facist Dum-Dum Dugan lookalike holding a gun on two video characters with clown colors. The evil corporation has gotten the drop on the Tynion anarhcist group. His third such group he's introduced into Batman mythos, if I am not mistaken. (If I am, forgive me). Facist Dum-Dum blathers on and we actually see him shoot one of the prisoners. Well we see a shot of him firing his gun. He is positioned about three feet away from the prisoners, calling her a hippie (No one uses hippy anymore except Eric Cartman). She ducks. Which is fair enough. But while she is crouched down, she pulls out a cable from her belt, Attaches one end to the other girl's necklace, which is some sort of tech that gives her Canary sonic scream powers, and said girl then screams at evil facist hired police.

So let me get this straight. In all the time it takes for clown color girl to do all this, evil Dum Dum just stands there. Even if she is super fast it's got to take three or four seconds. He just stands there? He doesn't lower his gun and fire. That only takes half a second. The clown color girls run away, then Batman, Harley and White billowing sheet man show up and rescue the girls. But unfortunately for them, there are drones broadcasting this to the tv stations. So now it looks like Bats and co. are helping criminals get away, says Oracle.

Let me break down why this is terrible writing and not just the rantings of someone who is chasing kids of his lawn and is a known "not fond of Tynion's writings" critic.

First, see the "why does evil Dum Dum just stand there" analysis. In order for a fantastic world to be believable (and yes, you must make fantastic worlds believable) you have to get the details right. Example, the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. They had the ability to run 60 miles an hour. Problem, how do you show that on a TV budget and make it (wait for it) believable. Solution - slow motion. You have Steve and Jamie run as fast as they can, have the extras move slowly and then film in slow motion. Problem solved.

So just having an armed crew stand there while someone is doing something that will take four seconds is not believable. You'd have to have a bright light go off, so while people are rubbing their eyes, said action can take place. These solutions aren't hard folks, but they do require the writer to actually think his action through. Something this generation of writers does very poorly.

Second problem. The drones. Why would someone doing an illegal execution record it? That's dumb. Now maybe if it was established that Simon Says "likes to watch" then fine. He's a creep and needs the content to get off. But that hasn't been established. So bad writing. Even if he doesn't broadcast an execution, the system will record and store it. Bad idea to generate your own evidence of a crime.

Then we have Batman, who is supposed to be smart, just blindly jumping in to rescue. He doesn't do recon? He doesn't have anti-drone batspray? That's dumb. Drones have been established as a piece of equipment Simon Bar Sinister uses. Batman would have to have some counter when he goes into action, if only to stop the drones from following him to safe zones. Oracle doesn't anticipate this? She's supposed to be smart too. You'd think that someone who offers electronic advice from a distance would anticipate that someone else might do the same, especially someone who uses high tech surveillance equipment too. Again, writing characters as just dumb as a box of rocks.

Three. Batman has 46 Robins, 24 Batgirls, a Duke. a Batman or two as well as Huntresses galore, and an Oracle and he's depending on a psycho killer in the form of Harley and a psycho killer in the form of White Sheet man? No, just no. That is a writer just not sticking to the rules of the universe as established. (See making fantastic world believable.)

What really hurts is that all this action could have been done in three pages. I am serious. $5 stories should give you $5 worth of story, not three pages of story. So Batman has bee "exposed" to the world via TV. Where have I seen that before?

No this is bad because in order for the plot to work, everyone has to be stupid. The villains are uninteresting (an opinion, I'll admit), the plot, such as it is, unfolds SLOWLY, and I frankly am really tired of the color scheme and what the techno clown color villains look like (also an opinion). We also don't know who they are. They have a vague manifesto, but that is not characterization. They are all inter-changable and I still really don't know what they stand for and why that is interesting.

Overall, a very poor issue.

Or I could be wrong.

Thanks for the review. Sounds about right. Liked those pop culture references you worked in. OT: Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers were must see TV heroes for me back then. It was brilliant how Steve picked out the sweatless doppleganger Oscar in that one ep.

The inks for story 1 were okay - not at all for story 2; so the new banner submission is from the former.
The new banner submission is from the main story where the inks were okay. The inks (and colors) of story 2 were not. Any interest in the Ghost-Maker backup is lost at this point - barely skimmed it. For that matter, can't think of one backup feature in any DC title, OTTOMH, that's worth the higher cover price strategy.

Hmm... do you think the 1st page hallucina-scape sequence occurs after the last page? Not that it matters, it was just annoying placing it.

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