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Subj: It's great that you loved the character, but...
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 05:38:16 pm EST
Reply Subj: Captain America Gone [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 04:19:15 pm EST

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As everyone already knows, Marvel has effectively killed Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. Marvel, as it its right, tries to shake up the comic world occasionally and make quick money. Whereas DC has always shown a certain amount of respect for its core characters, Marvel has basically told the world and especially Stan Lee to go to hell. Every character that Stan Lee had something to do with is on the verge of ruin. DC killed Superman a few years ago, but since that character had basically four or five titles, no one seriously thought he was really dead. However, I have read many post on several message boards about Captain America over the years and what you find is that people for countries other than America really didn't care for CA. I came up on CA, Avengers, Batman, Thor and some others. I thought Spiderman was too silly and whinny. However, CA was a character that everyone would follow into hell. Even in the JLA/Avengers cross over, the JLA absolutely trusted CA to lead them. Whom in the Marvel universe is a real leader that people would follow? Definitely not Iron Man. The Avengers won most of their battles because they trusted CA. CA and Namor are the only remaining characters that Marvel has left from the Timely error. I know Bucky is back, but it really isn't Bucky yet. Respect is due to long time characters that kept Marvel going in rough times. That was Spiderman, Thor, IronMan, Captain America, Avengers, and the Hulk. In the rough times, the X-men was barely making it. The other characters pulled Marvel though.

I feel that Marvel crossed the line by killing Steve Rogers. Yes, someone else can where the custome, but it wouldn't be the real CA. That is like killing Bruce Wayne and having someone else be Batman. Come on, it isn't the same.

Marvel has every right to shake things up. But, killing a character like this one is really stupid. Maybe younger readers will come on to see what will happen. But, the older readers may just stop the ride and get off. This really isn't about buying a book and reading it. It is about people growing up with certain characters and identifying with their nature and character. CA was my favorite. no replacement came close. I lost all respect and desire to buy and read Iron Man, Warbird/Ms. Marvel, wonderman, and many others because of the betrayal they showed in the Civil War. Yes, it was a law. Yes, it was a stupid law, blah, blah, blah. But, these characters fought against impossible odds and won because they loved, liked and trusted each other and watched each other's backs. That can't possibly happen now.

I know the writers will come up with stories whereby they play down the lives losts, and friendships lost like is was nothing. You can see it now in the current stories. However, when CA dies, the world should stop. But did it? NO, Warbird and Iron Man went on and began picking new Avengers as if nothing happened. Where is the respect? Thor gone. CA (Steve Rogers) Gone. Why? to make a quick buck? to shake thing up?, no! Because Iron Man has a movie coming and Marvel has to play him up. Because the FF must get back together before the new movie comes out. Ask the veterans how they felt when they read CA in WWII? and how they feel now. I have most of the CA books from the forties and all through now. I have every Avengers book. The glue that held Marvel together, the one character that everyone stopped and listened to, even Thor, was Captain America.

sorry for the rant. I won't read any CA story that doesn't have Steve Rogers as CA. Replacements don't interest me.

Marvel, in my opinion, made another very big mistake.

I don't think Marvel has been making many mistakes, as you put it, lately.

The company is doing great. They have half a dozen Hollywood projects under way, not to mention video games, animation and licensing deals too numerous to name. Their publishing wing is doing well and, in fact, has been far more successful that DC's for an entire generation.

Making moves like this, risky moves, is what breathes life into stories. If you like staid repetition and certainty, watch reruns of 70s drama and sitcoms. The characters always stay the same. You know they'll be there from episode to episode. It's dull and it's unrealistic and it makes for terrible storytelling.

I love Captain America and I have decades worth of Cap comics to prove it. But what I like more are good stories. Ed Brubaker and a handful of other super hero comics writers tell good stories.

As for DC respecting its characters more? I think that's nonsense. Batman's back was broken by Bane and he was temporarily replaced. Superman died. There's a new Aquaman. Green Lantern was replaced and only recently reacquired his mantle. The Flash has been replaced twice (three times if you go back to Jay Garrick). I don't think I need to say any more to point out the error in your comment.

I'm totally behind Marvel on this. They haven't always gone the way I want them to with their stories, but since Joe Quesada took over as EIC, they've always been risk takers and innovators within the constraints of the shared super hero universe concept. And for that I'm happy.

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