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Subj: Here's an attempt at a top 10 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 at 05:32:35 am CST
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Hey guys, I'm working on a big Cap Sunday package for my local paper, interviewed Joe Quesada, got courtesy art and I've even written up an obituary.. but maybe you guys can help me with something (and I'll try and include a link to the message board in the story).

Who are the likely or even possible candidates for replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America and why?

My thoughts:

Josiah X - Currently an unnamed costumed patriotic hero. As an African American and a Muslim, Josiah would bring something new to Captain America.

Patriot - The teenage nephew of Josiah X and grandson of a surviving member of Operation: Rebirth, Elijah Bradley is currently a member of the Young Avengers.

Jack Flag - With super-human strength and durability, Jack Flag served as a one-time partner to Steve Rogers. He was recently dealt a spinal injury while resisting arrest after avoiding Super-Human Registration.

Free Spirit - Cathy Webster has peak human strength and agility. She once fought alongside Steve Rogers and is currently attending college.

Battlestar - A modern-day version of Bucky with super-human strength and durability, Lemar Hoskins resisted Registration following in his idol's footsteps.

The Falcon - Long-time partner to Steve Rogers and a member of the Avengers, Sam Wilson is Marvel's first African-American super-hero and a one-time Captain America.

U.S.Agent - A former villain and a former Captain America, U.S.Agent is currently serving his country by helping the nation's Candian nieghbors rebuild their super-hero community.

Winter Soldier - The original Bucky, recently discovered alive and well, has been covertly helping Steve Rogers and his allies prior to his mentor's death.

Hawkeye - Clint Barton, recently deceased, has resurfaced and has chosen to give up his arrow-slinging super-hero identity. Steve Rogers once asked Barton to take the shield should anything happen to him.

Iron Man - Tony Stark, Steve Roger's longtime friend and recent opponent, currently posseses Roger's shield and has the governmental authority to decide who will be the next Captain America.

.... Any others? Should I remove any from this list?

Who would you want to be Cap?

Falcon - One of Steve's closest friends and allies, he knows what it takes and how to be Captain America. Also, signs seem to suggestion he has registered, so he isn't an outlaw vigilante.

Winter Soldier - Bucky's probably the guy Steve would say should be the next Captain America. But there's the question of whether Bucky would be willing or even able to.

Sharon Carter - Nothing says Captain America has to be a man. She's another close person to Steve and think of how hard it would be on her being given Cap's shield after being Steve's unwilling assassin.

Battlestar - The guy does pattern himself after Captain America already. If he took the pardon and registered, he could find himself being groomed as the next Cap.

Punisher - Civil War make it a point to show the respect Frank has for who Captain America is. Now with Steve gone, he could decide to carry on the role in his own way. It isn't like he's a guy who cares what other people think.

Josiah X - Last seen, he was beginning to really embrace his family history. He hasn't been heard from since, but with Steve dead, he may decide to step up.

Justice - A New Warrior and a mutant, Vance could be a very startling but maybe inspiring candidate for Tony to choose as the next Captain America.

U.S.Agent - John would probably consider himself the next in line to be Captain America. But his assignment to Omega Flight may take him out of the running.

Clint Barton - Currently running around in the cold without an identity to call his own. But the big question is whether he would want to come back to the world in such an attention-grabbing way.

Luke Cage - The guy already has the brass to take the Avengers name for his own. Who's to say that with all his righteous anger over what happened with Steve he may not decide to take another name?

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