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Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 at 11:40:49 pm EDT
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Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 at 12:15:09 pm EDT

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Soldiers and police officers carry guns all the time. They have to. But they don't run charging forward with a pistol aimed blindly and their fingers on the trigger. That is no way for a professionally trained soldier or officer to act.

First off, whenever the gun is out, the index finger should be extended. No matter how well trained (or brainwashed) a person may be, accidents can happen. To avoid that, proper training suggests they keep their fingers off the trigger until they actually plan to fire.

Second, running with a handgun is kind of silly. Even if you were Hawkeye, handguns are meant for short range defense or aimed offense, not shotting wildly while running. An assault rifle, maybe. That's why those types of guns were invented, but a handgun? It just looks sloppy.

Someone running like that looks more like a gangsta than a trained soldier.

My two cents.

It's called "Drawing Comics the "Marvel Way"!" You can get the book just about anywhere - but it is the "bible" to drawing comics for most serious comic artists. They use others, but they learned from this bok first.

Basically the book says this:

A real life Boxer throwing a punch actually doesn't look all that powerful. But it can knock a guy out cold and even out of the ring! But it LOOKS boring and often unimpressive. A MArvel character throwing a punch must be thrown with passion and impressive VISUAL IMPACT. If a boxer were to throw a punch like Spiderman or Daredevil, he would leave himself WIDE OPEN and get his head taken off! BUT, when daredevil throws a punch - every punch is a crazy, visually awesome haymaker! NOT realistic. If Daredevil was throwing a punch correctly you would yawn and go read Batman!

The image of Cap charging Gun first is for VISUAL IMPACT. First this new Cap HAS A GUN! That is a SHOCKING turn of events that the artist wanted to grab you with - so he put it right out front AND for added impact the finger IS ON the trigger - he either just fired or is about to fir that gun!

True anyboby who knows anything about handguns knows that this is wrong, but a Cap in the typical Firing stance of a Cop isn't as exciting as him charging in with gun blazing.

Compare UFC to WWE. One is real the other fake. In the UFC there are MANY fights that a guy gets knocked out, or taps out from something that doesn't look that powerful at all. Sometimes its a let down - but its REALITY. In the WWE, wrestlers telegraph each move, and overstate their punches, kicks and other attacks to "sell" it n TV - to make them and Pro Wrestling look "larger than life" and it works.

Vince McMahon and the WWE too a page out of Stan Lee's book!

This image of Cap may not be "coprrect procedure" but its a powerful image that tells a story in bold fasion "The Marvel Way"!

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