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Subj: Re: new cap: and disapointment
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 at 10:24:06 am CDT
Reply Subj: Re: new cap: and disapointment
Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 at 03:01:08 pm CDT

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> > > I am not very happy with the new cap. I feel that giving him a gun and knife is just wrong. I think its the easy way out. its too easy to just give cap a gun knife and say look hes edgy and hip. I know bru is > How is bringing back Bucky, killing off Steve Rogers or anything that Brubaker has done to date in any way "taking the easy way out"? You may think that arming Cap with a gun and knife is wrong, but it's not taking the easy way out at all . . .
> Here is how its the easy way ou:
> 1. You dont have to deal with an icon any more. You can now make a Punisher version of cap and get to disregard 50 years of established history.
> 2. Bucky is an excuse to make us like the new cap. You know like Night Wing in Batman. We get a new robin but the old one gets to be Draker and more violent. But hey you have to love him hes a "classic" charicture.
> 3. We can can the classic look (see supes and bats of the 90's) and say hey same great charicture but now hes a hip with it 2000's kinda guy. I mean you cant be a hero with out guns and high tech weapons...
> 4. He can do the imfamous reset button as an excape. Bucky new cap gets out of control some how old cap comes back saves the day hurray we are back to square one with the new writer.
> 5. new cap means the moral code and values that we hold true are gone. he even basically admitted he could not write old cap useing the out of touch line to justify it. well if he wanted the hard way keep the "out" of touch line work with it. Show a troubled cap dealing with an America he struggles to understand and INTEAD of caveing in and just grabbing a gun with a what the heck attitude have him strive harder to maintain his moral code thats what makes a great hero. A man that remians true to himself despite the world around him. Now thats a story.
> Bur is a good writer I just think hes dead wrong on this and makeing the mistake they made with superman in the 90s trying to make him a 90s kinda guy. It flopped miserabley and they basicaly had to do a reset got rid of the wavey 90s hair and costume issued an our bad and restored the icon. I see the same happening here.
> Omegasupreme: Before Cyberton was I was....

I think we are jumping the gun here. We don't know the personality of this new cap. he may carry a gun but he may not use it in a lethal manner (this is the same universe w/ the Black Knight who carries a sword & uses it in a nonlethal manner... I assume). The gun may not even shoot lethal ordinance (even in reality, there are guns that shoot nonlethal rounds). This New Cap may uphold the same values & morals as Cap did/does. I think we should wait until the issues come out. I feel yeah, tho. I too want Steve Rogers back & ONLY see Rogers as the 1 & only Captain America but we have a very good writer telling this story, let's enjoy the ride while it's still going on (rather than jumping off too soon... so 2 speak).

BTW, I mean no disrespect as I know u are expressing your views. I just want to bring in another perspective

This new cap is pure crap. You won't see me running to the local comic book store picking up any new issues.
Someone wake me when this garbage series is over and fails and they bring back Steve Rogers.
I will be over at DC reading comics.


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