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Subj: Re: CAP 31: Page by page... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 at 07:32:59 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: CAP 31: Page by page... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 at 10:05:15 am EDT

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I really liked this issue. The focus on Bucky was welcome after he shared so much page time with Sharon and Sam lately. I loved how he fought off Faustus' mind control efforts, especially the "fat man" discussion. There's no way the doc has him under his power at the end. Bucky's either a) fully aware there are only blanks in the gun (someone like him could possibly tell by the weight of the gun...?) so he pulls the trigger while aimed at Sharon to assuage Faustus' doubts; b) shooting just above/to the side of Sharon before turning the gun on the Fat Man; or c) he's fired at Faustus. Still, a cool ending - can't wait til next ish!

As for the upcoming New Cap: At this point, it's gotta be Bucky, right? Are there any other legitimate candidates left? It's possible Brubaker's got something up his sleeve, ready to pull someone out of left field at the last minute, but that doesn't seem his style. His stories have surprises, of course, but they have been logical ones, surprises that he carefully built toward. Even if you think Bucky's resurrection was far-fetched, the clues were certainly there in the Winter Soldier's first few appearances. All signs that I see are pointing to Bucky taking the shield. I just can't figure how Stark, or Sam, or Sharon, or whoever, is going to convince the Winter Soldier to wear the duds and officially take Steve's place.

Can't wait to see where this all goes. I do think Faustus isn't long for this world, this time maybe for good...


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> -really nice story related cover. Always good to keep some part of Cap visible on the cover of the title he still doesn't appear in too
> -huh? What revolution? She talking good guys or bad??! Intriguing prologue
> -Previously Page: At least it was verbose. But, c'mon! #31. Act 2. Part One. It seems a bit overly sectionated(have no idea the correct word). And the noted absence of the chapter titles again seems like it will make the TBP unsymmetrical(wrong word again?)
> -as I read the opening setting my mind was noting nitpicks in Cap' actions in the welcome appearance of Cap even if only in flashback. Then the eventual reveal of mind manipulation actually caught me off guard very nicely. Too bad it wasn't the real Cap but the tidbits from WS narration got me wondering:
> Does he have a sister we've yet to see? Was he really brought into the army life at 12 years old? Are they retconning him into a bully or is this his misremembering?
> -the art was just okay this issue but the diving out of the plane fire, with belt flapping, looked real neat
> -glad WS called Faustus an SOB after my last issue comments. Wow, he should've added UNKEMPT too
> -'Elsewhere'??! Why not just state the location? It would be an appreciated/necessary tidbit to see what SHIELD location they are at
> -20 agents MIA??! Wow. Tony is handled well in his other title guest appearances and usually in control. But is he really less in control than other places. He seems in character but his SHIELD is falling apart in this title
> -thank goodness he's Batman smart to really question Sharon's actions
> -Red Skull mask is drawn appropriately. His Kronas army doesn't seem that impressive despite the on panle seen amassed
> -2 more thankfully short but pivotal manipulated flashbacks to get into Bucky's head seem unreliable origin retold interludes
> -eerie splash with the tube-clones
> -fortunately Faustus is not a dumb villain at this point with his final test. I think WS is lying too, BTW. Another surprise with the nurse reveal (who I think is a fake too). Good enough cliffhanger though it's probably just blanks else Faustus IS a dumb villain unfortunately
> -nothing overly special about this issue. Next issue cover looks interesting (and Redwing survived??!)

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> Even if you think Bucky's resurrection was far-fetched, the clues were certainly there in the Winter Soldier's first few appearances.

Before I even read Brubaker's first issue I guessed Bucky might be coming back, based on two things:

1) Prior to the first issue's release, Brubaker made some comment that Marvel was allowing him do things they've never let past Cap writers do before. Naturally this got me thinking, and when you think on what more than one previous Cap writer might have requested to do but were told "No.", the immediate thought that springs to mind is "Bring back Bucky."

2) The preamble in the first issue made mention of Captain America AND Bucky. These preambles have always been designed (for the benefit of new readers) to succinctly give readers relevant information about the series. The inclusion of Bucky (and he's never been mentioned in them before, has he?) would have been superfluous information, unless there was a point in making mention of him...