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Subj: Re: Captain America 611: He did WHAT? Again?
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Reply Subj: Re: Captain America 611: He did WHAT? Again?
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    Justice - whether Bucky should be tried for his crimes, whether that should be in public, and what evidence would they really have for and against him. They have nothing but hearsay about his brainwashing do they? Nothing but Cap's word about the Cosmic Cube - and he'd be ripped to shreds under standard cross-examination - it's not as if he has any objective proof that Bucky was brainwashed or that he is now restored. It isn't clear whether telepathic scans can be used as evidence but this seems unlikely.

Yeah, but there was no real evidence that Tony was brainwashed for some of the murders he committed (how many times has Tony either been brainwashed into committing murder or had his armor controlled?) and Tony avoided prosecution. The issue basically seems to be that there was more publicity in this case.


Marvel is terrible at its follow-up. Emma Frost attempted to murder members of the X-men and actually murdered some knights of hellfire when they failed her (it was the days when villains did melodramatic things like that to underscore their evilness). She was never prosecuted for those crimes and everybody seems to have forgotten that saying you are sorry and promising not to do it again isn't generally considered a significant sentence under US law. I suppose jailing your characters doesn't make for a good story.