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Subj: Re: Captain America 611: He did WHAT? Again?
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Reply Subj: Captain America 611: He did WHAT? Again?
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Decent enough arc set up with...

Captain America 611

The cop cover is nice. The Widow is nice but makes no sense.

So a guest star of Hawk&Mock from New HQ to Adjectiveless HQ is interchangeable and doesnt have to have logic with them on opposite teams since their married and Avengers business is Avengers business is, arguably, justifiable - even though Bobbi barely offers defense for Bucky as Clint rags on him.

Spot on Clint in press conference.

Towers lobby has very first Cap and very latest Iron Man images seems a bit odd even though its perfectly justifiable too.

More symmetrical Thor-like chainmail for Hawkeye is more pleasing a costume.

Iron Man out of armor at Avengers meeting seems to be the IN THING these days. Not crazy about it. Also his stance on inner demons of superhumans seems fair enough on pre-CW but hypocritical post-CW.

Annoyingly the flashback segue to the White House meeting did not have a simple "24hrs AGO..." or somesuch tagged on. This is surprising too given it is the IN THING with many MU stories to dump many a sequence shifting narration on readers.

nb: 2 dozen assassinations in 30 yrs by Bucky. Good to know for future debates.

Decent way to retell his origin in the context of a story.

Wouldve been nice to get the advisors' names alongside Obama. Though the high level meeting had an authentic feel. And would it have hurt to actually name the Cosmic Cube?

Buckycap vs NeoNazi mob. Thats what he does - still doesnt mean its always the smartest attack strategy. Would it have hurt to have backup?

Remembering Jack Monroe had good emotion to it.

Tasha's arguement for giving a a second chance maybe should have been corrected to 25th [2dozen+1] chance? Only half joking here, if JJJ was still editor and ragged on THIS 'superhero' he'd be in the right for a change.

A second confusing time sequence jump to a private meeting was annoying again. But not as annoying as Steve for challenging the President's authority again(after just
href=>last ish
), not once but twice this time. Refusing to hypothetically step down and then uncommitted to compromising in seeking truth and justice in this matter.

[Sidebar: What issue was this where Steve considers a worthy Cap - ?]

Theeen the Super Soldier suggests Bucky run away from the Law?!! Really? One can see how Sin would find humor in that, eh?

Finally the backup:
Good action setup with a chrono-challenged BW effectively being a superspy, and it asks the right questions:

I miss my brother.

I think its arguable that Bucky - IE, the personality which is James Buchanan Barnes - never committed those assassinations.

The Winter Soldier did.

Its not just sophistry; how much of the original person was left in any semblance of control when Bucky was re-programmed? I don't think there was enough to make a case that Bucky was responsible for his actions while a Soviet assassin personality construct was created to control his thawed-out shell.

I mean, it took the Cosmic Cube to bring back the personality and memory - the personhood, if you will - of Bucky. From the explosion to then, it wasn't him in his body. Bucky wasn't responsible, legally, morally, or ethically.

While it would be hard to prove as such, I think the testimony of Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, and most especially Steve Rogers would carry weight.

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