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Subj: Re: 1978; TV shows made money through Advertisements, Local and Foreign Tv stations
Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 at 01:09:45 am EDT (Viewed 244 times)
Reply Subj: Re: 1978; TV shows made money through Advertisements, Local and Foreign Tv stations
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That's an interesting thought about police procedurals being phased out for private detectives and that being more in line with superheroes.

There had already been Adventures of Superman, Batman, and the Green Hornet as you said, so costumed heroes on TV weren't a complete unknown. But I suppose these late '70s Marvels were trying to be less campy and a little more, dare I say, realistic? I suppose that was a hard balance to get right.

I like to add, back then, if a show is on Thursday night, and you missed it, ...That's THAT!!! If you're lucky, that local TV station might re-air that show 3 to 6 months later or air it to fill in for a cancelled show in the Summer.

Also, I doubt reruns of Superman, Batman and Green Hornet were enough to build up interest in Superheroes in the 70s. Tv stations were phasing out Black and White Tv shows, so Supes was first to go, and Bats and GH were remnants of that Bygone period of colorful, wacky Tv shows (Like Gilligan's island, Brady Bunch, Star Trek, etc) that made people buy color Tv sets.
The trend was moving towards Jive-talking, living on the streets, existential shows like All in the Family, Jeffersons, Good Times, Welcome back Kotter, etc.

Wonder Woman tv show almost popped up in the early 70s, but the Powers-that-be, opted for the Bionic Woman, a spin off of the Six Million Dollar man (And was successful due to the popularity of SMDM).

Like I said, the Powers-that-be were looking for big movie/tv fads and general interests to greenlight or invest money in new tv shows. It was easy to fund a down and out Detective who picks up cases from his answering phone than funding fight scenes and Superhero actions.
And through Spiderman and Fantastic Four comics were big hits of the 70s, they weren't popular for Tv or movies. Xmen is another story.