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Subj: Re: Falcon suggestions for Captain America 4
Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2021 at 07:06:26 pm EDT (Viewed 269 times)
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What about Machinesmith? He's a traditional Cap villain, and his control over machinery would make him a nice foil for FalCap, who relies heavily on his mechanical wings and mechanical (in MCU) Redwing.

Throw Zemo in to keep the waters good and muddy and you've got yourself a movie!

Stoneface can become Machinesmith, of MS robots merge with SF.

I just wanted something 'Sam Wilson, Falcon', not just an African-American Captain America. No one read Falcon's first limited series??? No one but me liked what future Black Panther writer Chris Priest did to Falcon in that 2000 series Captain America and the Falcon???

Attacked by a malfunctioning Sentinel robot, mucking around a Super-Sailor, ...were all attempts of developing the Falcon universe (Like Spiderman having all those Animal supervillains, like Doc Oct, Lizard, Rhino, etc). Didn't succeed, but people tried.

Plus, Nightshade first attacked Falcon (Turned him into a Werewolf), so, I'm guessing she's Falcon baddie. Hey, I'm not the only one who would love to see a Hot-looking woman in a bikini being BAD and bringing Chaos and Mayhem.

Captain America 3 was suggested to be a 'Madbomb' version, where Cap fought zombie-like American civilians, ...hey Nightshade could've came up with the formula to turn civilians into Zombies. Or develop a cure, or manipulated by the elitists behind the Madbomb, I think it was someone named Turro.