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Subj: Re: A Cyborg who Became a God, Yes.
Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 at 04:36:42 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: A Cyborg who Became a God, Yes.
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 at 10:26:37 pm EDT

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Thor's godhood has been striped by Odin, leaving him with his natural strength, but without godly "enchantment" (i.e., storm powers, vortex's, energy blasts, mjolnir enchantments, etc.) Bill fought Thor and proved to be basically his exact physical equal. He recovered first from a double knock-out because he was in a "heat" environment that favored him. If they fought a frozen tundra Thor would probably have recovered first because of his nordic heritage and the fact that BRB's physiology favors heat. In normal environments their strength, durability, etc. was equal.

BRB gaining the "enchantment" was the equivalent of Thor regaining his godhood back. Bill retained his strength, but received all of Thor's "god" powers outlined above. What is so hard to understand about this? It is born out by the fact that they battle basically even after the first encounter, or Thor wins. This shows they are equals. If BRB kept his strength and Thor's strength, he would basically be 2x Thor (or Thor with Belt of Strength) and the fight would be no contest. This is clearly not the case and the former theory of BRB's power up with the "enchantment" is completely consistent with their physical encounters.

My cyborg comment is the idea that people say BRB is a Cyborg therefore stronger than Thor makes zero sense.

> > What's the big deal about being part robot? Thor is a god, the child of Odin and Gea.
> >
> And we know being son of Odin & Gaea doesn't mean you can beat Allcomers and Bill was giving him a fight even before he got the Hammer, upon lifting it he specifically states its effect!
> My point is that Bill is a genetically engineered Cyborg with the power of Thor, are you saying that if Thor became a Cyborg too he would be no more powerful or effective, that it would make no difference? Being a cyborg makes no difference?
> Did the power replace Bills own or did it add to it? That is the unanswered question, though Bill indicated it had added...
> I'm not saying Bill is *definitly* stronger I'm pointing to the facts and evidence suggesting... that he could well be!
> "LOL ...LMAO...*wink*... Guffaw... *sigh*..." (etc etc...)

And my point is purely that that the fact he IS a cyborg has to have some bearing on the use of the power he was granted.
I'm saying that the fact alone that Bill is able to ignore extremes of temperature to a degree Thor can't indicates the truth of this. He now has certain advantages that Thor does not as he is a melding of both science & odinpower.
This is like asking what a solar powered Superman got from picking up Mjolnir in JLAvengers - assuming he is allround more powerful than Thor what would the Hammer give him?! Absolutely Nothing going by your reasoning....

"LOL ...LMAO...*wink*... Guffaw... *sigh*..." (etc etc...)

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