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Subj: Re: How Would Extremis IM Prep To Battle These Beings? ( GR #13 spoiler) [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 at 12:18:56 pm EDT
Reply Subj: How Would Extremis IM Prep To Battle These Beings?
Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 at 10:41:43 am EDT

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Just wondering if the IM fans could list how they think Tony would probably prep to fight against the following?

Thor Classic
SS Current
Nova Current
Superman Current
Dr Strange
Wonder Woman

> Just wondering if the IM fans could list how they think Tony would probably prep to fight against the following?
> SS
Doom built a device that absorbs the Power Cosmic. Panther recently revealed that he either borrowed it or reverse engineered it. Since it's entirely likely that Reed, T'Challa, Doom or someone has info regarding it stored in cyberspace somewhere, Stark downloads and builds for himself. The rest is, as you say, history....

> GR
Supernatural powers are harder to prep for since they don't always correspond to science. Since GR's SoV didn't want to fight Hulk because he wasn't "guilty", it's likely that IM would be similar. Head to head fight, IM is invulnerable to Hellfire (if his eye and mouth slits are closed) and he's physical superior to GR in every possible way. No prep needed....provided IM isn't guilty of some horrible crimes.

> Thor Classic
The problem with Thor is that he's supernatural AND an uber-brick on top of that. IM would have to rebuild original Thorbuster and hope that Thor doesn't have any tricks up his sleeves (like Odin Power). IM's proven that he can equal or surpass Thor's strength with specialty suits..but Thor's so much more than just strength. As much as I love IM, Thor is never a good matchup for him...

> SS Current
See previous SS question at top. Cosmic drain worked against current Surfer when Panther did must assume it would still work.

> Nova Current
Current Nova has had a pretty good showing in Annihilation, but in his own book he's shown nothing extraordinary. Assuming current book is guage of his current state of power, IM needs no prep. Outpowers him now... Uses drone army, just in case.

> Superman Current
Read Battle of the Watchtower Part 5 to see how Iron Man could prep for Superman. This guy wrote a MUCH better Civil War than Millar, IMO. And JF, please don't bother responding that Supes is more resistent to Green Krypto now. A being made of pure Krypto that is pummeling him with Superstrength and grappling him COULD take him out. You asked HOW it could happen, not how it would happen in a way you find acceptable.

> Dr Strange
Stealthiest armor ever. Unless IM can get in close to strange to get off the first strike, Strange is more than capable of casting some spell that quickly changes the tables...

> Wonder Woman
Ahhhh. You're either looking to rile J's feathers or Iron Fans aren't you? As I've said several times and still firmly believe, Iron Man doesn't need prep against Wonder Woman. I believe it's a close fight, but I think Stark takes a majority. She's more than capable of winning...but it's my opinion that he still wins more than he loses.