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Subj: It's there in black & white...
Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 at 04:19:49 pm EDT
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Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 at 03:25:20 pm EDT

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> > The scans make clear that the HB suit knew what IM was going to do. Armed with that kind of knowledge, you don't have to be superhumanly fast. Also, and just as important, the HB suit was a robot. Its reflexes are computer fast. They are not slowed by the reaction time of the "meat" inside it, because there IS no meat. The reason why IM's reaction time wasn't superhuman until Extremis was because the meat (his body) was too slow. This was explored in IRON MAN: HYPERVELOCITY limited series. Go read it, if you don't believe me. It's a great story.
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> > > > Somebody tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Extremis "virus" exists independently of the armor and this abilities should work with any armor, yes? So the only reason the Hulk Buster armor would be slower would be because that actual armor is slower, which is usually the case in comics (stronger = slower). The mechanics of movement are different. Those massive legs can't be too agile.
> > >
> > > Perfect example... the Hulkbuster Armor that the Avengers and FF fought in the "Executive Program" arc written by the Knaufs. In the first scan we can see just how fast Extremis is. Then we see a bulky gigantic Hulkbuster Armor effortlessly dodge the very same Extremis blows like they were in slow motion.
> > >
> > > Heh... I can hear IM fans yelling in front their monitors right now, "but... the Hulkbuster anticipated Tony's moves thats why it could dodge him" ! \:\-P
> > > Well sorry, but you can anticipate till the cows come home... that don't mean squat if the guy coming at you has reflexes at speeds under 0.002 seconds. That Hulkbuster Armor was clearly as fast as Extremis because not only was it able to dodge Tony, it was also fast enough to hit him too.
> > >
> > > Which brings us back to the HB armor that Tony wore in his fight with the Hulk. Stark has proven that he can build armors that are extremely fast, regardless of how large and bulky the Armor may be. The Argonaut clearly dwarfed the HB in size yet it was without a doubt as fast as the Extremis... that point cannot possibly be disputed. Does anyone here really think that with his proven technology to build super large armors that come with blistering speed, Tony would have designed his latest Hulkbuster (the one in WWH) to be dead slow ?
> > > Hell no !
> > >
> > > Tony would would have gone into that faithful fight against the Hulk with every possible advantage that he could eck out of his suit. The nanobots may have been the primary weapon but that wouldn't have stopped Stark from trying to make sure that if the bots ever failed, his Armor would have enough strength and speed to take the Hulk out physically. Isn't that why the armor is called a Hulk Buster ?
> > >

The Argonaut was controlled "telepathically" thru Tony's Extremis powers. Both armors are being controlled from the same knew what Tony was doing and reacting accordingly.

There is literally NO evidence that the second HB armor has any super-speed at all. For example:

1) The Hulkbuster required rockets to enhance it's punching speed and power, Extremis (be it standard or Argonaut) do not.

2) It demonstrated NO ability to dodge any of the Hulk's punches. Both standard Extremis (dodging Mallen and Spider-Man EASILY) and Argonauts (gained upper hand on Namor underwater, avoided FF in air, avoided Iron Man's punches) DEMONSTRATE great speed and agility.

3) Hulkbuster was unfinished. In Iron Man #18, Tony states he wishes he had more time to finish it.

4) Hulkbuster did not demonstrate ANY of the Extremis armors other capabilities: Stealth, full-spectrum Repulsor, Mechanical Intuition, Healing (Tony and suit), etc. Isn't it more realistic to surmise that if it doesn't have any of the other Extremis Armor abilities, that it proably doesn't have ANY of them at all, than to assume (even though it's NEVER demonstrated super-speed or reflexes) to assume it has just one of them (speed)? It's like hearing hoofsteps and expecting to see a zebra...when the evidence is leading s to believe that it's just a horse. It's most likely a heavy-duty nanite delivery device, designed to let Tony get in close to the Hulk to deliver the silver bullet. Sabotage and betrayal foiled its test run...but that's okay. We all love the Hulk too and don't necessarily want to see him killed in his own mini-series.

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