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Subj: Then I'll Give You Eight Answers because i Liked the Change in Topic... :)
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 05:44:01 pm EDT (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Eight questions because I'm bored.
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 05:20:25 pm EDT (Viewed 154 times)

> why eight? because i couldn't think of a ninth.
> 1. assume you have Superman Prime-level durability. which assualt would you rather take (no choices; you have to take one): Thor's Godblast, Destroyer's Disintegration Beams, or a throat-rattling scream from Black Bolt?
I'd take Thors Godblast. I'd not want to take chances with The Destroyer and Black Bolts scream would be painful though not fatal.
The Godblast though is just a solid hit, i'd feel confident i'd take the hit and be right back for more. \:\)

> 2. assume you're Hulk, and you're submerged 2,000 under sea level. who would you rather fight for the easier bout: Namor or Aquaman?
Definitly Namor as at least he'd be macho and dumb enough to play to my strengths in a slugout. Aquaman on the other hand is smart, tactical and wouldn't play my game - he'd use his environment and his skill to wear me down and out. Though if i'm real lucky he'd just squeeze my brain out and i would be none the wiser.

> 3. assume you can fly, have class-100 strength, Quicksilver reflexes, Luke Cage's durability, Dr. Doom's intelligence, Emma Frost-level telepathy, and Binary-level ep; which team do you think you would have better chances against: Big-7 JLA, Infinity Watch (each with a gem), or the Defenders?
I'd feel confident with the Infinity Watch. They're not as competent as the other two teams and their ability is rather limited and unrefined. The other two teams are just too professional and organised.

> 4. to date, what has been the greatest story arc ever told in Marvel or DC?
Uhmm. I go with Daredevil:Born Again, it redefined what a comic could do for me and is a terrific character study along with great plot. Just brilliant work even after all these years.

> 5. assume you're a newely conceived herald-level brick, and you're a villain. who would you rather be the publisher of your fate: Marvel or DC? (keep in mind, you will be a main-stay character for the duration of that company's existance)
I'd go and say Marvel. They might use me as cannon fodder but at least it would be cyclical. I may well come back in fashion and would be taken seriously now and again....!

> 6. if given the choice, who would you rather have as your benefactor: Cyttorak, Visahnti, SHAZAM! or Nabu?
SHAZAM. I wouldn't trust Nabu or Cytorakk for a minute and The Vishanti are too removed from Humanity. Shazam would look after my interests.

> 7. what sub-teambuster hero in Marvel or DC has the most powerful and most impressive rogues gallary?
I say Spiderman as he has a wide variety of opponents. Most are streetlevel thugs but he also has had a lot of powerful movers with Kingpin and other crime bosses. On the physical side he gets to fight and beat high end opponents like The Blob, Rhino, Morlun and the odd class 100.

> 8. what would you say is the single-most overrated thing on the board? (could be a writer, a character, a powerset, a power-catagory, a publisher, etc.)
Oooh Gosh. At the Moment I'd say the Hulk, definitly. His sole ability is to hit stuff, as long as it's stood in front of him, but according to Da Gospel he can take anybody. I mean anybody. he's been way overcooked at the moment.

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