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Subj: I'll give it a go
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 08:27:23 pm EDT (Viewed 103 times)
Reply Subj: Eight questions because I'm bored.
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 05:20:25 pm EDT (Viewed 153 times)

> why eight? because i couldn't think of a ninth.
> 1. assume you have Superman Prime-level durability. which assualt would you rather take (no choices; you have to take one): Thor's Godblast, Destroyer's Disintegration Beams, or a throat-rattling scream from Black Bolt?

Probably the Destroyer's Disintegration Beams; Thor recently stood up to them, and Superboy Prime has higher durability.

> 2. assume you're Hulk, and you're submerged 2,000 under sea level. who would you rather fight for the easier bout: Namor or Aquaman?

I've always felt that Namor is the more powerful opponent, so I'm going with Aquaman.

> 3. assume you can fly, have class-100 strength, Quicksilver reflexes, Luke Cage's durability, Dr. Doom's intelligence, Emma Frost-level telepathy, and Binary-level ep; which team do you think you would have better chances against: Big-7 JLA, Infinity Watch (each with a gem), or the Defenders?

Infinity Watch. The JLA are professionals and the Defenders are all powerhouses (the Big 4 anyway).

> 4. to date, what has been the greatest story arc ever told in Marvel or DC?

Don't think I can pick just one, but for Marvel I'll go with the Surtur Saga and for DC Green Lantern Rebirth.

> 5. assume you're a newely conceived herald-level brick, and you're a villain. who would you rather be the publisher of your fate: Marvel or DC? (keep in mind, you will be a main-stay character for the duration of that company's existance)

DC. At Marvel as a brick you always have to play second-fiddle to the Hulk. At DC at least if you lose it's against guys with a lot more powers!

> 6. if given the choice, who would you rather have as your benefactor: Cyttorak, Visahnti, SHAZAM! or Nabu?

I think Shazam meddles the least.

> 7. what sub-teambuster hero in Marvel or DC has the most powerful and most impressive rogues gallary?

These days especially rogues galleries tend to blend together, so I'm not sure who has the most powerful, but I'd say that Spider-Man and Batman have the best rogues galleries in terms of being interesting.

> 8. what would you say is the single-most overrated thing on the board? (could be a writer, a character, a powerset, a power-catagory, a publisher, etc.)

What bugs me on this board is the same characters get debated over and over again, and are entered in the tournaments over and over again. Really, the only way to win a tournament is to pick the board's favourite characters; too much is invested in a powerset and other factors like personality, environment, and circumstances aren't considered.


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