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Subj: Maybe....But what if...
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 09:42:48 pm EDT
Reply Subj: DC gods in a bloody mismatch.
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 08:47:11 pm EDT (Viewed 82 times)


BlackPanther/Moondragon/ScarletWitch/he-Hulk/Mar-Vell/Jack of Hearts/

I'll stop here, not sure at last two but they helped a few times at least so I added them...

Hercules upset with Olyumpus andhis Father, HAS HAD ENOUGH!
So what does he do? He oges the Avenger's of Course!
And proceeds to tell them they have a mere 48 hours before they launch War with Earth nd take all Humanity as there Worshippers/Slaves...
They all agree a preemptive strike MUST happen...;)
So a plan is made and they PREPARE for WAR!!!

Olympus Hall

We are here now!!! What does this flea want. "Spat poisiden"
Yes, he has already been banished, hy were we called here?"asked Athena"
I granted him this audience! "Zues says loudly"
He Tells of impending Doom! Beware my son, this be your Last chance to gain favor of the gods. "Zues says"

With a hint of a smile on his face, Hercules begins to speak...
"Aye Father, In truth All I wanted to say is Goodbye! For the new Rulers od Earth Come."

Everyone is spooked and starting to claim treats when they notice a odd glowing ball in his hand, it grows brighter and brighter till a flash of light opens behind the Betrayer of Olympus.
(This is Quasar doing, was given a quatum ball to Herc as Teleporter)

Before they realize what happens, there's a amry there with him.
"Your reign is Over Father, Now Strike!!!

Before the God's can do anything a huge golden dome is mounted around them and then transposted to the Quantum Zone.

There was waiting the powerful hitters of ALL the avengers with SERSI at it's head, the were all concentrating focusing there internal energy Together, Making a UNI-MIND.

All the MAJOR Gods are taken out. they teleport back and proceed to make there new Home feel just right...;)


> "Low level" level gods like Hermes are a match for many top end JLAers how are in turn usually more powerful than average Avengers rosters. Lightray of the New Gods has created a star before! Some of the big boys from the Avengers could hang individually but wold be overwealmed quickly. They have no chance in Hel