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Subj: Re: Eight questions because I'm bored.
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 at 01:48:03 am EDT (Viewed 94 times)
Reply Subj: Eight questions because I'm bored.
Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 at 05:20:25 pm EDT (Viewed 153 times)

> why eight? because i couldn't think of a ninth.
> 1. assume you have Superman Prime-level durability. which assualt would you rather take (no choices; you have to take one): Thor's Godblast, Destroyer's Disintegration Beams, or a throat-rattling scream from Black Bolt?
> 2. assume you're Hulk, and you're submerged 2,000 under sea level. who would you rather fight for the easier bout: Namor or Aquaman?
> 3. assume you can fly, have class-100 strength, Quicksilver reflexes, Luke Cage's durability, Dr. Doom's intelligence, Emma Frost-level telepathy, and Binary-level ep; which team do you think you would have better chances against: Big-7 JLA, Infinity Watch (each with a gem), or the Defenders?
> 4. to date, what has been the greatest story arc ever told in Marvel or DC?
> 5. assume you're a newely conceived herald-level brick, and you're a villain. who would you rather be the publisher of your fate: Marvel or DC? (keep in mind, you will be a main-stay character for the duration of that company's existance)
> 6. if given the choice, who would you rather have as your benefactor: Cyttorak, Visahnti, SHAZAM! or Nabu?
> 7. what sub-teambuster hero in Marvel or DC has the most powerful and most impressive rogues gallary?
> 8. what would you say is the single-most overrated thing on the board? (could be a writer, a character, a powerset, a power-catagory, a publisher, etc.)

1. Black Bolt's attack is the weakest of those three things.
2. Aquaman is the biggest wimp ever and it's always been funny that DC tries so hard to make him look like he should be taken seriously.
3. From what I know the Infinity Watch is actually the weakest of those three groups.
4. I don't know. I think it was all pretty crappy. DC's most epic, tho, was "Crisis", of course.
5. In Marvel there's some slim chance you'll get a bit of respect now and then, in DC there's no chance you won't job to Superdork no matter how much better a character than him you are.
6. Don't know Nabu. Cyttorak is evil, so he'll probably torture you and stuff, and I don't really know the Vishanti. So Shazam, I guess.
7. Thor. He's used to fighting guys more powerful than himself.
8. Super-speed. It's not nearly as powerful in the books as all fans think it should be. If you read the books you'll notice that there are countless instances where one character with no speed can say upwards of several words before a guy who's as fast as light actually reaches him. Speedsters and speed are not nearly as powerful on the books as they logically should be and that's fine, what's not fine with is that nobody but me realizes it. Speedsters lose to non-speedsters all the time, and everyone has the attitude that all characters should have super-speed. One thing I always liked about Marvel characters is that they *don't* have super-speed. And one word I can't stand is "speedblitz", it's a stupid nerd word made up to sound cool, like "toonforcer" and all that other crap.

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